Cannabiscope: Demystifying Medical Cannabis For Users, Investors and Caregivers

    What began a small canna-tech start up is now extending their global reach and educational impact around how people think about cannabis in terms of education, accessibility, and market growth. 

    Cannabiscope, a Las Vegas based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, is combining science and technology to change the conversation around cannabis in the mainstream market for medicinal and recreational users. Their ultimate goal is to establish a new global – and individual – standard for the future of cannabis menus, e-commerce, and data insights. As an educational platform, they will continue to grow the accessibility that Cannabiscope provides to a wider and deeper understanding of the science and applications of cannabis that affects the care providers, researchers, and policy makers whose better understanding of one of the world’s most misunderstood and stigmatized plants is critical to the future of cannabis business.

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    The user friendly Cannabiscope Wheel can be accessed on your mobile device, as well as in dispensaries – the technology scales, and so is the company!

    The Cannabiscope wheel is a tool that allows people to shop for and learn about cannabis at the same time. The technology shows the cannabis consumer exactly what they are putting in their body, by presenting certified lab results of each strain and then offering a complete breakdown of the cannabinoid and terpene ratio. The approach is to discover what you want as a consumer, get informed on what you are consuming and then where you can purchase the product — all packaged in a turnkey solution. With 250 cannabis businesses already using the Beta Platform, their international reach is only expected to grow and scale along with the international industry.  

    Their goals are to demystify many of the elements of cannabis that remain elusive for many, while also changing conversations around the uses and applications for the plant. The wheel presents not only the strains, but the properties and applications that help consumers, patients, retailers find what people want. The educational element allows non-consumers, including doctors and legislators, to make informed decisions that best consider those that will be affected by them. As the user interacts with the wheel, they become more familiar with the uses and effects of cannabis on their system and body, while receiving an equally user friendly initiation into the many ways and forms of consumption. Cannabiscope pays stringent attention to quality and safety standards, providing lab-certified results so consumers understand are comfortable with exactly what they are putting into their bodies. 

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    Cannabiscope co-founders Dave Schacter and Paul Shockley plan the future of cannabis business at NUGL headquarters in Southern California.

    Both David Schacter and Paul Shockley, the founders, are cannabis users that have never quite fit into the typical stereotypes.  David was a four time national collegiate boxing champion and Fulbright scholar, who also interned in Washington D.C with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He has used his experience to become a thought leader in the industry, having witnessed first hand Israel’s groundbreaking approach to medical cannabis research while working in the developing industry there. Paul, a magna cum-laude graduate from USC film school and serial entrepreneur, entered the space inspired by a passionate drive to use his storytelling abilities and product innovation experience to fundamentally improve how people learn about cannabis. Once united as a team, they joined forces to create a SaaS platform with the specific goal of educating consumers and accelerating revenue for cannabis retailers. Built on fundamentally good technology and end-goals, the Cannabiscope vision was formed.

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    The lab-certified results that Cannabiscope provides are as educational as they are comforting for users who want to know what works best for them.

    “Back in the day, I used to walk into a dispensary and look at the jars on the shelf and randomly pick a strain based on how cool I thought the strain name was.” David Schacter reminisces, “Now, when visiting shops that have implemented Cannabiscope, I can find products based on the exact experience I’m looking for, knowing with certainty what I’m putting in my body.” 

    Approaching the growing American cannabis market in his base of Las Vegas, Schacter saw the gaps in education around users ability to consider strains and products using markers that go beyond the basic Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid groupings. With his innovations, Cannabiscope users can dig deeper and more specifically into the ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids that define their experience.

    Cannabiscope is also serious about their commitment to community, and building better culture through education. Shalonda Ingram, social impact director of Cannabiscope, spoke to us about how the company and team incorporate their vision and values into the cannabis community. “We invite folks to learn about cannabis in general, and specifically in relationship to their responsibility to self educate about their health and wellness via the Cannabiscope platform.” Putting the tools into the users hand so they can make their own decisions is also important to their core value of self-education. She also references those values in their user-friendly digital display. “It encourages folks to move through large amounts of data without being overwhelmed.” Empowering users of all types to self-educate, while creating a platform that enhances micro and macro healthcare decision-making is precisely what Cannabiscope and it’s team credit for its rapid and significant impact.

    While they have planned and certainly hoped for success, the level to which Cannabiscope and the vision of its founders has scaled up has exceeded the expectations of even it’s optimistic creators. “Our goal in the beginning what simple,” states co-founder Paul Shockley,  “We wanted to help consumers understand everything cannabis has to offer beyond the hype getting stoned. We had no idea our application would influence legislation, politics and curriculum on such a mass scale!” Their reach and impact continue to affect global cannabis consumption, business, and policy, and Cannabiscope is equipped and prepared for a future of company growth, and safer access to cannabis from a more educated community. To learn more, please visit


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