Male vs Female Cannabis Seeds, Which One to Buy?

    Written By: Tracy Gomez

    The gender of a cannabis plant is essential for growers to determine which plant is to keep and which one needs to let go. Female marijuana plants are the only gender that produces buds. Male seeds are considered unusable because they don’t grow flowers; that is why growers prefer female plants.

    Buying feminized cannabis seed online is accessible for breeders and growers across the world. It can cost you extra to get this type of seeds from established vendors. Regular seeds produce 50% female and 50% male, which means half of your cultivated cannabis is good for nothing.

    With the two critical stages of a cannabis plant’s life, vegetative and flowering stage, you can quickly determine the plant’s gender around six weeks when it starts to show preflower signs. It’s a crucial part of cultivation for growers as it helps you identify the male from the female marijuana plants.

    Why Growers Prefer Female Cannabis Seeds

    Growers and breeders prefer female plants as it produces buds. Male plants don’t produce buds, which is why they are unusable for growers. Growers preferred to keep female plants. Buying from a reputable and trustworthy vendor or seed bank is essential. You can purchase feminized seeds from legit vendors, or you can find seeds here, all guaranteed high-quality, and comes from excellent genetics at an affordable price. Please take note that it’s essential to purchase your cannabis seeds only from established suppliers known from years of quality products and excellent customer experience.

    After six weeks of cultivation, your cannabis plant will start to show preflowers signs which enable a grower to determine the gender of the marijuana plant.

    There are some instances where a plant displays two parts, also known as hermaphrodites. In these cases, you will need to wait until your plant switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. With the 12-12 scheduled light, the cannabis plant will reveal its gender.

    The flowering stage enables you to see how the female plant grows flowers, and the male produces pollen sacs, which won’t be useful for growers.

    Female cannabis produces flowers that contain an excellent THC amount. Male plants produce pollen sacs used to fertilize your female plants. Unless you want seeds, you can keep the male plants. However, if not, better to cut them off. Otherwise, your female plants will produce seeds instead of flowers.

    Cannabis growers are vigilant when it comes to the cannabis plant gender to prevent male pollen sacs from impregnating female buds and decreasing the flowers it produces.

    When Does Your Marijuana Plant Reveal Its Gender

    Traditionally, you can identify the gender of your cannabis plant at around three to six weeks from seeds. The preflower stage enables growers to reveal gender and decide if they will need to remove male plants right away.

    In some instances that you cannot identify the gender of your plant, you will need to wait for the flowering stage but have to be vigilant at the same time. Otherwise, all your effort will be put to nothing if your male plants fertilize your female plants, causing them to produce seeds instead of flowers.

    How To Choose And Cultivate Female Seeds

    Dedicated growers purchase feminized seeds as this yields to 100% female plants. Feminized cannabis seeds came from intensive breeding of two female plants to produce only female seeds.

    It’s a guaranteed process of cultivating pure female marijuana seeds without second-guessing and checking your plants during the pre flower stage, whether there are male plants that will be needed to be removed.


    You can purchase feminized cannabis seeds from reputable vendors or trusted seed banks online. Since growers prefer female seeds that produce flowers or buds, breeders cross the boundaries and simplify cultivating experience.

    With online seedbanks that produce feminized seeds from famous strains, you’ll have a complete guarantee that your cannabis plants will produce buds like how you want it.


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