Hempwood: Laying Down the Foundation for a Greener Future

    Hemp is the low-THC-bearing cousin to the marijuana plant. Since the 1800s, fiber hemp has been utilized for everything from rope to textiles. With the re-introduction of hemp in 2018, hemp products have flooded the market. From clothing to plastics, it is all being done with hemp. While there are many hemp-based products in the industry, there remains only one manufacturer of HempWood®.

    HempWood® is a hardwood alternative that is made from full-length hemp stalks with both the fiber and hurd included – no decortication required! HempWood® can be used for making lumber, flooring, woodturning blanks, and even DIY kits. This hardwood alternative is sustainable, healthy, durable, and all American-made. 

    HempWood® starts within 100 miles of the factory located in Murray, Kentucky. All of the hemp used for production is sourced from local farmers. “By keeping the hemp close, we support the local agriculture community and cut down on transportation cost, which we can pass along savings to our customers,” Plant Manager Tommy Copeland said. After the hemp is received, this is where Fibonacci, LLC -the parent company of HempWood®- gets to work. From seed to flooring, it only takes 150 days. For traditional domestic hardwoods, it takes anywhere from 60 to 100 years to produce hardwood flooring. HempWood® is about 100 times faster and it even sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

    No, this building material won’t get you high if it burns,” CEO Greg Wilson said. “It doesn’t even smell like marijuana.

    In addition to hemp, another healthy material is utilized – soybeans. Once the hemp is put into production, it is submerged into the soy-based adhesive, which has no-added formaldehyde. Fibonacci, LLC opted for this adhesive, so the health of its consumers is not sacrificed. Unlike other building materials, HempWood® Natural Flooring has no detectable VOCs levels, meaning that you are not subject to illnesses such as sick house syndrome. “It has been said that LVT makes up 50-80% of new floors in the US,” Parsons Healthy Designs Lab said. While LVT is a popular option many are unaware of the negative impacts on their health. For more information about healthy flooring materials, go to Healthy Materials Lab | Flooring

    “Get good in, you’ll get good back is our philosophy,” said Wilson. In addition to the good materials and responsible manufacturing processes, HempWood® Natural Flooring is durable. This flooring has a Janka rating of 2,200 lbf, which is about 20% harder than American white oak. HempWood® Natural Flooring can even be refinished up to four times. This flooring option not only matches your lifestyle but will uphold for your lifetime.

    HempWood® Natural Flooring is going beyond the stigma of marijuana. It is an American-made, sustainably sourced hardwood that offers both durability and peace of mind. For more information on the newest hardwood on the market, go to


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