About NUGL

    NUGL is a cannabis business directory and search app that offers an unbiased platform for both businesses and consumers. Our app seamlessly blends with our digital and print magazine, and our cannabis friendly multimedia platform providing marketing opportunities for business profiles, in print, digital and video format. NUGL is community-driven, and together we’ve built a place where all things cannabis can be welcomed and enjoyed by all.

    NUGL App

    Connecting the Cannabis Community

    NUGL is more than a social media platform: it is a living, breathing community that reflects the diversity, creativity, and independence of the cannabis community that inspired it. We're proud to partner with end users and business professionals alike to build a network where people -- all people -- are free to be exactly who they are and connect with what matters most.

    NUGL connects cannabis companies across the nation, bringing the cannabusiness community closer together while facilitating connections with consumers in emerging and expanding markets. Our software platform is built to encourage and sustain networking connections and provide a more detailed, focused search experience for our users.

    NUGL highlights profiles for businesses in all sectors of the cannabis industry, including retail stores, brands, services, events, and more. Our platform allows businesses to build and structure detailed items within our global menu, aiding connections between business and consumer communities through targeted networking, and enabling a variety of advertising opportunities to expand their reach.

    Digital & Print Publications

    NUGL Magazine

    NUGL Magazine is our fastest-growing cannabis lifestyle magazine. We feature real articles about real people from cannabis companies. NUGL Magazine prints and distributes through local dispensaries and tradeshows. We also feature a digital magazine ( and a daily blog with content from the community and industry contributors. Featured sections within NUGL Magazine include:

    • Features on the cannabis financial sector
    • Articles on state-specific issues nationwide
    • Medical and cannabis health news
    • Grow section, which focuses on the product we all love
    • Kushstock Magazine featuring vendors from the Kushstock Festivals

    Garden & Greenhouse

    A gardening lifestyle magazine featuring healthy living. We highlight gardening and an organic lifestyle that includes CBD and HEMP but does not advertise TCH products. Our online community and presence showcase new content that is updated daily.


    NUGL TV is our online video channel and live-streaming platform. Our series include:

    • NUGL TV Podcast w/ Bigg A, spotlighting all cannabis businesses, including brands, retail, and cannabis services.
    • WooNews w/ Julie Farha offers spiritual insights on today’s biggest topics.
    • Lil Eazy E TV w/ Eric “Lil Eazy E” Wright, son of legendary hip-hop superstar Eazy E, hosts a wide range of celebrities to discuss Sports, Cannabis, Music, and Entertainment.