4 Simple Steps to Grow Marijuana

    Written By: Mian Azhar

    After the signing of the Farm Bill in 2018, cannabis became a rage across the US. To date, if you sift through any local smoke shop, you will eventually come across cannabis being sold in different qualities. So when you decide on growing your cannabis, this is a choice that you will not regret later. Because of the growing popularity of cannabis, more people are taking an interest in harvesting this crop. Secondly, because growing cannabis is lots of fun, many people are taking the risk of growing it in their backyard. Here, we have compiled a few steps through which you can grow your cannabis plant:

    1.      Choose Your Cannabis Seeds

    If you want to grow high-quality buds, it is imperative for you to choose high quality, top-notch cannabis seeds. When looking for particular cannabis seeds, you will be guided through a vast array of options. For example, If you visit an online website, you will be guided through Sativa, ruderalis, and indica. Such strains are available at a single click, which is why you can purchase them from a well reputable vendor easily. Not to forget, the quality of your seeds will have an impact on the outcome.

    2.      Know the Fundamentals

    If you are growing cannabis yourself for the first time, it is imperative for you to know every requirement of this plant. The first and most obvious thing to consider is lighting. Keep in mind. Cannabis is not like a conventional plant because it requires a lot of light to grow fast. So if you want to grow this plant in the greenhouse, make sure to place it right in front of the sun. Secondly, if you want to ensure quick growth, you must incorporate heat lamps inside. This way, it will be easier for you to monitor the growth of the plant.

    3.      Nutrients

    A cannabis plant would grow well if it provided the perfect nutrients. Like every other living plant, cannabis, too, requires all the essential nutrients for good growth. For this to happen, you need to be sure about the quality of the soil. Good soil is one that is rich in compost, vitamins, living organisms, and minerals. If the quality of your home soil isn’t top-notch, you can purchase nutrient-rich soil from the market. Luckily good quality soil for cannabis plants is available at an affordable price in the market. Make sure to carry your license; otherwise, the state authorities might hound you.

    4.      The Vegetative Phase

    Cannabis takes time to grow, so don’t panic if the growth process is small as compared to other plants. Make sure that the plant is exposed to massive sunlight because it serves as the main food. Secondly, you need to be sure that the plant isn’t placed in a position where it is not receiving an abundance of oxygen. Plants need plenty of air to grow fast; otherwise, you can’t expect the results to be worthwhile. If you want to grow several cannabis plants, you can use small pots for that to happen.


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