Coachillin’: The Science of Success

    As our tour bus pulled into the 160-acre facility, I was expecting a tyrannosaurus to jump at me like a scene from Jurassic Park. The Coachillin’ Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna-Business Park’s massive facility shares both the size and advanced tech of the famous dinosaur theme park, only Coachillin’ isn’t fantasy, it’s real life! There’s a condominium complex to the right, indoor grow facilities to the left, a massive water storage reservoir that looks like a small lake, and construction crews as far as the eye can see. Founder, Kenny Dickerson, explains how their water’s pH levels are so perfect that they started a bottle watered company – and let me tell you, the water was delicious. I didn’t catch Kenny’s entire explanation of the science behind their water because I was too distracted reading the “Coming Soon” sign about a cannabis-friendly outdoor amphitheater, with seating in the shape of a pot leaf! Where are we?!

    As I finally got my wits about me and took it all in, I soon discovered that our NUGL crew was witnessing cannabis history, first hand. The Coachillin’ Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna-Business Park is located in the heart of Desert Hot Springs on a 160-acre lot with facilities boasting over 3 million square feet – the largest in the US and likely the world! The atmosphere is a mix of cannabis operators ranging from cultivation to extraction and everything in-between. Coachillin’ has designed one of the best cannabis co-op’s on the planet by offering the latest in technology and compliance, reducing the cost of goods sold, and increasing profits. To put it simply, they offer a better turn-key solution for cannabis business than anyone else in the market. Coachillin’ is a game-changer.

    Anyone that has been in or around the cannabis industry has heard, or worse lived, the horror stories of failure. Often the cause of these failures is uneducated, “mainstream” investments in former black-market businesses, that have little understanding of the legalities involved in proper operations. This collision of two worlds has left many investors broke with little or no recourse. A lack of checks and balances, poor management, and ever-changing regulations whip up a recipe of disaster and financial collapse. In 2020 especially, the cannabis industry has fallen hard. 

    Arnold “Bigg A” White (left) speaks with Coachillin’s founder Kenny Dickerson (right) in their massive water treatment facility.

    By combining cost-saving solutions with never before seen technology, Coachillin’ has become a solid foundation in which successful businesses can flourish. Coachillin’ has addressed solutions for water, power, and security in such a way that operational expenses are cut by as much as 50%! Combine that with their advanced technology in AI analytics, helping operators streamline business in a cooperative environment, and you create an almost foolproof platform.

    The who’s who of cannabis brands are moving in and moving in quick. What’s even more impressive are the different business opportunities that have grown organically from their development. Manufacturing companies can buy and lease the land they operate on, and investors can invest in single buildings becoming landlords or by purchasing equity in Coachillin’. Coachillin’ even offers consulting services from the likes of the legendary OG Razor who modestly told us the story of how he created the Skywalker OG strain on George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch!

    Coachillin’ was founded by Kenny Dickerson and is operated by him and his children, Michael and Katherine. Based on their resumes and backgrounds, I can honestly say this is a family of geniuses who were created by a higher power to build the greatest cannabis company the world has ever seen. Kenny has a background in engineering, Michael in tech, and Katherine a background in operations. Together they have created a magical place that will revolutionize the cannabis industry, and expand across the globe.

    The learn more about Coachillin’ and their Industrial Cultivation & Ancillary Canna-Business Park visit there NUGL profile at or their company website at


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