7 Ways To Extend Your Vape’s Battery Life

    The advancement of vaping technology has seen the shift from disposable vape pens to rechargeable vape pens. Rechargeable e-cigs are more durable, reliable, offer more convenience, and are money-saving. 

    Rechargeable e-cigs come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The vape pen battery powers the device to allow vaping. It is a critical part of the vaporizer and needs care and maintenance to enhance its lifespan and safety.

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    Batteries reduce performance over time. Due to the vital role it plays, having a faulty battery can be frustrating. That’s why you need to know the best tips for extending the battery life. 

    Follow these seven tips to increase the battery lifespan and get the most of your e-cig. 

    1. Turn Off the Vape Pen When Not in Use

    It may seem obvious, but most people forget to switch off their vape pens. Not turning it off means that it’ll consume charge even when in your pocket. 

    The latest vape pens come with a sleep mode design. It may seem convenient to turn it on with a press of a button quickly. However, it also means it remains on during that time, consuming power. 

    To extend its battery life, you should turn it off anytime you’re not using it, even at the shortest break. 

    2.Use the Right Charger 

    Each vape pen has a unique charger. While a charger may perfectly fit your device, it doesn’t mean it is right for it. Using a wrong charger can damage the battery because the correct amount of power is not delivered.

    Always use a charger provided by the manufacturer. If the charger spoils, you should contact the manufacturer or get a suitable replacement from authorized distributors only. 

    Furthermore, there are many fake chargers on the market. Buying your vape pen from a reputable seller is better than getting it from unknown manufacturers. Renowned manufacturers care about their reputation and invest a lot in producing safe, quality products. 

    3. Store it Correctly

    The way you store the vape pen impacts its battery life. As you know, batteries contain chemicals that react to temperature. Keeping them in places with optimum temperatures increases their performance. But too high or too low temperatures shortens their lifespan. 

    Lithium-ion batteries can manage cold temperatures better. However, extreme cold can affect their capability to store and release energy. Avoid leaving your vaping devices in cold places that expose it to moisture like in the car.

    Properly storing it also means keeping it clean. If you intend to keep it lying for an extended period, then make sure to get rid of any dirt that can cause corrosion. 

    4. Charge The Battery The Right Way

    Good charging habits improve the lifespan of your vape pen. It’s good to charge the battery before you run out of charge. A battery with some current left charges quickly as compared to the one that’s completely drained. 

    You can begin charging the battery once it falls below 50%. A very low battery means that the battery will need more energy to charge up. 

    When charging the device, avoid using it until its fully charged. Using the device while charging makes it hot, and excess heat can damage the battery. Once it’s fully charged, allow it to cool down before you start using it. 

    To avoid overcharging, unplug the charger once it’s complete. But if you can’t manage to monitor it when charging, then get a charger that turns itself off automatically.  

    5. Use the Vape Batteries Regularly

    Batteries last longer when used regularly. Using it daily enhances its performance and lifespan.    

    However, this doesn’t mean vaping for long sessions. Even using the device for a short period on a routine will help to enhance its durability.

    6. Frequent Rotation

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    It’s good to own more than one battery. Having a spare battery allows you to change the batteries and avoid overusing one. The trick is to use each of them regularly and avoid overusing any.

    Reserving a battery for emergencies will eventually wear it down. Like said, they work well upon regular use. Rotating them will considerably increase their life.

    7. Full Charge for a Battery before Storing It

    If you aren’t using the batteries, then you might want to store them. Storing the battery in a cool and dry place is not enough. You need to ensure that you store the battery with a full charge.

    As the battery lays, it drains the charges slowly. If it drains completely, then you may experience difficulties charging it up. 

    Giving the battery a break is good for its health. However, keeping it for more extended periods without use can negatively impact its lifespan. So, make sure to charge them after a while to ensure they don’t drain entirely. 


    If you’re a vaping enthusiast, then you know the importance of your vape’s performance. A fully functional vape pen gives incredible vapor. That’s why it’s essential to care for service and maintain all its parts regularly.

    It’s really important that you make sure to look after your vape, as it means that you will get to enjoy all the different Flavours that you get to try with vaping. You don’t want to have a bad experience with something that should be really enjoyable, just because you forgot to take care of your vape now do you?

    A functional battery is vital to the success of your vaping. If you have invested a lot in your vape kit, then you should maximize it. Following these tips will increase the battery’s lifespan and save you money. 

    The battery can last longer when well taken care of by observing essential safety measures. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to do everything the right way. Also, only buy your vape pen and other accessories from established sellers to get value for your money. 


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