Words Matter

    It’s 2021, and Cannabis is still NOT wholly legal.  People are still being arrested.  The time for this to change is long overdue.  Many people have had their lives ruined because of the insane, archaic laws that still exist pertaining to this beautiful plant.  Now more than ever, there is a real movement within the cannabis community that is rapidly growing.  The evidence is clear that an overwhelming number of Americans are in support of the legalization of Cannabis.  This past election saw 90 million people VOTE in favor of Cannabis, which was more than either presidential candidate received.

    Cannabis organizations, advocates, and activists are in full swing to lobby and pressure their local, state, and federal representatives to push for the legalization of Cannabis.  However, there is a huge roadblock between the cannabis community and those who actually make the laws.  WORDS.  What I call the dirty words of the Cannabis Industry. Words that were used to replace the dictionary definition, Sativa L, by Anslinger back in the 1930s, when he created the Marijuana Tax Act, and further endorsed terminology they used to demonize the plant and use it as a means to punish minorities.

     Words often steeped deep into the culture and vernacular, such as marijuana, dope, and weed, and other terms. These words have been systemically sewn into the fabric of daily conversation.  Casual conversation amongst cannabis users, passing joints, talking shop, and sharing stories are not where the problem lies. 

    The issue is when the conversations turn to convince the masses that still subscribe to the idiocy of reefer madness and terms like the devils’ lettuce.  Trying to convince someone who still thinks Cannabis (even CBD) is just a drug that gets you “HIGH” is a daunting task.  When educating about the benefits of Cannabis in all its forms, it is crucial that it is referred to as CANNABIS; any other word will only perpetuate the negative stigma that we are trying to break.

    There is still one more word that I absolutely despise.  Recreational.  This is an absolute atrocity that this word has found its way in front of Cannabis.  It only serves to keep the negative stigma at the forefront of the naysayers’ minds.  If we are to talk to those legislatures, congress representatives, state and local officials who already believe the lies and negative stigmas, it is imperative that these DIRTY words are no longer used.  In order to convince these people in power, the conversations must be serious.  Serious conversations require serious words and scientific terminology to fully explain the medical benefits that have always existed with Cannabis.

    There is nothing recreational about Cannabis.  It has been and will always be a medicinal plant.  Where is the recreational shot of vodka or recreational glass of beer? 

    I call it out.  In a meeting, on zoom, in person, on Club House, you hear someone say recreational, shout back ADULT USE!  You hear someone say weed, marijuana, shout back, CANNABIS!

    Words matter.


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