Why Is Your Vape Device Popping And Spitting Back?

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    Popping and spitting back is part and parcel of vaping. It’s a common occurrence, and there’s nothing to fret about. When your vaping device’s atomizer is popping and spitting back, it can completely ruin your vaping experience. At best, you might just swallow some e-liquid, and at worst, you can end up burning your tongue. So, either way, you are going to miss out on a lot of vapor and flavor. 

    But, you have no reason to worry because there are several ways to deal with the issue of popping and spitting back in the vape devices. Without further ado, let’s look at why vape devices pop and spit back and how you can address the issue.

    Understanding the Cause of Popping and Spitting Back

    Spitting is the term used for the random super-hot drops of e-liquid that shoot in the mouth at the time of vaping while being accompanied by popping noises. The droplets tend to spit in all the directions, but in most cases, the droplets tend to shoot up straight into your mouthpiece. 

    There is a simple reason behind spitting. The e-liquid gets accumulated on the coil of your vape device, where it starts getting cooked rather than being vaporized. Think of it like the way boiling water starts spitting. Thus, while inhaling from the tip, it’s natural to catch a couple of droplets. 

    Though the issue is commonly associated with flooded coils, it might happen otherwise, too. Given below are some of the ways to prevent popping and spitting.

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    Ways to Prevent Popping and Spitting In Vape Devices 

    Though there are several ways to prevent popping and spitting, the following six are the most effective ones that you can try out.

    1. Go For E-Juices with Higher VG

    VG has a thicker consistency compared to PG, which means that the e-juices having higher VG will not flood the atomizer quickly. If you are constantly facing spitting and popping trouble, go for e-juices with a higher VG because it will slow down wicking to a considerable extent. You will find the best e liquid online with VG content you are looking for.

    1. Be Careful While Priming the Coil

    Priming the coil is the procedure of manually dripping e-juice on the wicks before your first use. When too much e-juice is put in the chamber, you might notice spitting and flooding. So, the key is to find the right balance and never to overdo it. Give some time for the cotton to saturate instead of trying to get the process over as soon as possible.

    1. Bring the Fire Button to the Rescue

    If you feel like you have dripped or primed too much, the best thing you can do is to push the fire button a few times before you start vaping. A couple of hits of the button will make the popping stops, and you will hear the usual hum of vaporization. Now, you can vape without worrying about burning your tongue.

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    1. Ensure Not to Inhale Forcefully

    Inhaling forcefully, especially when the e-juice has a high PG, means getting more e-juice in the chamber. So, let the coil and the wick do their work while you try to inhale softly.

    You can reduce the airflow on your vape device by changing the settings if you have spit back troubles. Remember not to inhale too forcefully after reducing the airflow because you will be facing the same problem again.

    1. Remember To Clear the Chimney

    As mentioned before, flooding is the main but not the only cause of spitting. Failing to clean the chimney at regular intervals might make e-juice collect here, which finds its way down to the coil after some time. Cleaning the chimney is pretty straightforward: make rolls with tissue paper and insert it in the tank’s chimney to soak up the e-liquids accumulated there.

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    1. Purchase Anti-Spitback Drip Tips

    The good news is that the brands have paid attention to your woes and come up with anti-spitback drip trips. These devices have an angled design that ensures the e-juice does not spit up to enter your mouth. You can also purchase long drip tips, with possibly a bend in the middle, to prevent spitbacks from hitting your mouth. The other option is to fit a screen right below the drip tip to stop spitting.

    1. Cover the Base of the Mouthpiece 

    Some experts suggest using a pipe screen for covering the mouthpiece base. The pipe screen mesh is so thin that they fit perfectly at the bottom of the mouthpiece. This, in turn, prevents any leaking and spitting back while the vapor passes without any hindrance. 


    As you can see, a bit of tweaking here and there is all you need to prevent popping and spitting in your vape devices. So, try out the tips mentioned above, and your problem will be solved for good. If the issue persists, it’s time to get a new tank for the device.


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