Why I Like Buying Shatter Online in Canada

    There are many benefits to buying shatter online in Canada. I really like buying shatter!

    First of all, it is legal to do so! Before 2018, buying shatter or any other type of cannabis online would be illegal. 

    Canada has really changed the game when the country legalized buying and selling of cannabis.

    Shatter is really potent as it can get up to 80% THC. 

    For anyone looking to get the best high out of cannabis, they should really consider using shatter.

    The Shatter Overview

    There are many types of shatter. It is one of the most potent forms of cannabis you can buy online in Canada.

    I like to buy shatter online from OWGanjaKid. They are a dispensary based in Vancouver, BC and have been selling to many happy clients.

    The shatter choices and prices are also very reasonable.

    Types of shatter names you can buy online include wax, honey oil, dabs, budder, and black glass.

    Since it resembles honey, shatter is also known as honey oil by people.

    Compared to a regular cannabis strain, shatter is many times stronger than the highest quality cannabis you can find.

    When I tried shatter for the first time, it gave me an instant feeling of high that lasted a long time. It is something that cannot be compared to smoking regular cannabis flowers.

    So in terms of getting the most bang for your buck, shatter is certainly the right choice to get a more intense high.

    For those less experienced and just wanting to dip their toes to trying cannabis, using a vape device is a better choice for you.

    You can even vape shatter! This gives you the benefit of being discreet no matter where you use your shatter products.

    Color of Shatter

    The color of shatter can tell you a lot about how it was made. However, it is still not the best indicator of quality.

    In fact, the color of shatter just tells you how new the trichomes are. Simply put, shatters that are golden amber in color are freshly harvested or extracted too early.

    You may think that these are better. But, the darker shatter has run its full course and has truly developed into a potent shatter.

    So, we can see here that we should not judge the color of shatter and compare its quality side by side.

    Shatter Material Advice

    Want a good shatter? Your best bet is to find a good starting material.

    Try cooking good chicken using expired meat. This will not turn out so well.

    In the same way, having a good shatter base material will make it easier for you to buy good shatter.

    If you ever get the chance to be involved in making shatter, take a look for yourself on how it is cultivated. Knowing more about shatter and how it is made can go a long way toward deciding which shatter products to buy from a dispensary.

    Where to Buy Shatter Online in Canada

    Like mentioned above, I like to buy my shatter from a Canadian dispensary like OWGanjaKid.

    Taking a look at other dispensary options will allow you to get the best pricing on shatter products. You can also take a look at Weed Insider for more information regarding shatter products and anything cannabis related!


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