Vaping A THC Vape Pen: Pros and Cons

    What are the pros and cons of vaping a THC vape pen?

    This was a question I was asking myself when I started using it the first time. My friends and I were getting tired of smoking cannabis all the time and wanted to try something new.

    Back then, vaping was something new and exciting. We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into but vaping has been really great for me!

    Let me explain some of the pros and cons of vaping a THC vape pen.

    Pros of Vaping

    1 – Discreet

    When I smoke cannabis, people around me will KNOW that I am doing it. This does not happen when I vape cannabis.

    It is just a nice change when I can vape indoors or outdoors without disturbing the people around me. The effects are equally if not more intense than smoking cannabis!

    2 – No Smoke is Produced

    No smoke is produced when you vape using a THC vape pen. The one I bought from ODKushDaddy, also known as Online Dispensary Canada, is really good.No more hassle in getting cannabis smoke everywhere in your house!

    No cannabis smoke also means you are not inhaling harmful cancer causing smoke. It is not a good thing to breathe this for long periods of time.

    3 – Stronger High

    You may be surprised to know that vaping can give you a stronger high when compared to smoking.

    It is just more cost-effective to vape!

    Cons of Vaping

    1 – Harder to Learn

    Vaping has a steeper learning curve when compared to smoking cannabis. You really need the effort to research the different types of vaping products in the market to find the right one for yourself.

    However, once you learn how to use a vape pen, it is just smooth sailing from there. You may never go back to smoking!

    2 – Initial Vaping Cost

    When you smoke cannabis, you just need to buy the cannabis strain and start smoking by rolling up a blunt.

    When you vape cannabis, you need to buy a vaping device. Depending on the type you buy, it may be more or less expensive. It just depends on your budget and how much you want to spend on the initial vaping investment.

    3 – Maintenance

    You really need to clean and maintain your vaping device on a regular basis. If you do not do this, your vaping experience will not be good at all.


    This article has shown you the pros and cons of vaping a THC vape pen. Some love it, while others prefer sticking to the original way of smoking cannabis.

    Your personal preference will play a huge part in whether you want to vape or smoke cannabis. Some people even prefer buying edibles Canada online from a store like Mail Order Marijuana. This is another form of using cannabis that people also enjoy.

    At the end of the day, you can take this knowledge and use it to your advantage. Every form of cannabis has its pros and cons. So which do you like?


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