How Much Time A New Vape Coil Needs To Soak?

    Breaking into a new vape coil is like breaking into new heels – the more you prepare, the less you rue. Vape coils are a crucial part of any vaping experience. The right one can carry the flavors and nicotine from the liquid in the best way. 


    Apart from regular deep cleaning, replacements when the coil approaches its lifetime or experiences damage are necessary. Most importantly, priming or soaking the coil after every wash or before installing a fresh one is crucial. So what is soaking or priming, and why is it necessary? How long should you prime a new coil before it’s ready for installation? Well, let us discuss these questions in detail. 

    But, Why Soak Your New Coil? 

    • It adds depth to the flavor

    E-liquid flavors, especially desserts or cocktails flavors, are a complex composition of various flavoring agents. The key to relishing the intricate flavors of these compounds is to keep your coil in the best health. Soaking new vape coils will help express the niche flavors of the liquid well to create a tasty and aromatic experience. Saturating both the cotton wick and the coil ensures that the liquid is thoroughly vaporized, thus crafting the burst of flavors in every hit. 

    • Elevates The Performance

    Priming your coil is an elegant way of elevating the performance of your vaporizer.  Firing your device without priming the coil can significantly affect the flavor palette and reduce the nicotine expression of the vapors. The coil might end up burning, or the hits might feel too dry and flavorless.  Soaking the new coil ensures it is brimming with e-liquid that will ensure proper vaporization. 


    • It Increases The Lifetime Of Your Coil

    Installing your coil before priming can cause the heat to damage it and burn the wick. You might need to replace the entire coil and wick setup, in this case, to continue vaping, which could be an expensive affair. Priming prepares the coil for vaporization without getting burned. It increases the lifetime of your coil and device.

    So, How Long Does A New Vape Coil Need To Soak? 

    Well, there is no golden rule for the right amount of time to soak or prime your coil. Vapers often disagree that there is a pre-fixed duration of soaking that offers the best performance. 

    Based on previous user experience and words of advice from vaping experts, soaking your coil for about 10 -15 minutes should be enough. But some believe that the best practice for a new vape coil would be to place it in the e-liquid and let it soak overnight. You can choose to pursue either advice. The only important point here is to remember to prime. 


    Also, before firing up your device, take a few primer puffs. It simply means taking a few sharp drags with the device before activating the heating element. The purpose is to create a flow from the wick to the tank that will improve performance when you finally vape. 

    How To Soak The Coil?

    • Slow Soaking 

    The slow soaking method is a consistent process that promises good results for the coil. 

    1. Remove the coil head from the atomizer and slowly add few drops of vape juice to each hole. 
    2. Stop adding juice when the hole starts to pool. 
    3. Shake the device slightly to eliminate excess vape juice and let it rest for as long as you wish to prime. 
    4. Wipe the excess juice with a paper towel, and your coil is ready for use. 


    • Vibrating Method 

    If you are in a hurry to vape, try the vibrating method to soak the coil instantly. 

    1. Fill the tank with vape juice and shake the device as hard as possible. 
    2. The process should create air bubbles that will help the liquid travel faster to the coil. 
    3. Continue the process for a few minutes to get your coil ready. 
    • Suction Method 

    One of the fastest ways of priming your new coil is using the suction method. The process aims to create a vacuum to help the vape juice reach the coil and soak it up.

    1. Fill the vape tank appropriately and set up the coil head inside the atomizer. Block the air inflows and start taking a few dry hits. Be careful not to power your battery, or you will damage the coil. 
    2. Take at least 5 -7 dry hits, all while ensuring the coil is not flooded inside the device or the juice does not enter your mouth. 
    3. Your coil will be ready for use. 

    A Pre-Wash Also Helps 

    Washing your coil is the best way to eliminate gunk deposits on the surface that will reduce its efficiency. While most vapers follow the process for old coils, pre-washing new coils can also significantly impact the performance. Pre-washing improves the priming efficiency and is, therefore, a necessary step to prepare your new coil. 

    Simply pour hot water over the new coil and stir it—Air-dry before priming for the best results. 


    Soaking the vape coil in vape juice is a necessary step that prepares it before installation. It ensures a seamless path of e-liquid flow from tank to wick that reduces the chances of dry hits or burnt flavors. The process can significantly improve the lifetime of the coil and ensure a pleasurable vaping experience as it brings out the intricate flavors of a complex e-liquid palette elegantly. 


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