Types of Cannabis Seeds to Grow

    If you are starting in the world of growing cannabis, you need to know the properties and attributes of the various types of cannabis seeds you can get in the market. Where do these seeds originate from? From the pollination of a kind of male plant and one type of female plant. The result of this seed generation is a genetic combination of the plants used in the cross—one with a higher predominance than the other. 

    Cannabis seeds are categorized into two types: photo-dependent and auto-flowering. Both require light to perform the chemical processes that allow them to grow and flower optimally. They differ in the level of exposure. The former develops and grows depending on the hours they are exposed, whereas auto-flowering plants develop regardless of the exposure period.

    The photo-dependent seeds start flowering in their adult stage and need approximately 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness in their growth phase. Then, when they move on to flowering, they require 12 hours of light and 12 of night. They are divided into two types of seeds: feminized and regular. These characteristics make that of all the photo-dependent varieties you can get mother plant and make your cuttings. That’s why feminized cannabis seeds are the favorite ones of expert growers.

    One of the main benefits of planting feminized seeds is that you can get optimized crops because all plants will be female, in addition to their high production. In the case of regular photo-dependent seeds, the main advantage is that you can get more genetic diversity because they do not come from two equal plants. 

    Autoflowering seeds can germinate in three ways: by genetically crossing photo-dependents and Ruderalis, by crossing auto-flowering with other photo-dependents and by crossing auto-flowering. This type of cannabis plant stands out because its THC level is not as high as the previous ones, nor do they have as much production.

    Among the advantages of planting auto-flowering cannabis seeds is that they are quick to harvest, highly discreet, and, if the right climatic conditions exist, you can grow them all year round.

    To choose the kind of cannabis seeds to use, you should consider the type of cultivation you are going to do if you are going to do it in an indoor or outdoor area, as well as the weather conditions of the place.


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