Tips For Preparing Your Garden

    As the days grow warmer and longer, your opportunity to establish a garden this year is running out. So, get started NOW. Don’t worry, Michael Scott will be there to comfort you when you’re finished. 

    If your experience is limited to indoor operations, you’ll come to find that there are much greater possibilities with Sativa when grown outdoors. The ability to grow outdoors allows your plants to reach their full potential and will significantly impact the final product, without needing a giant to grow room. Keep in mind Sativas can take longer to fully mature, though. Here are some tips to make sure you start your season strong, giving you a much better chance at a proper yield.

    Finding the Right Location

    It’s essential to choose a spot that will continue to be sunny throughout the Fall. If you’re not sure how the sun travels across your garden, check out Google Earth’s Sun feature. If you’re still unsure where the best location will be, it might be best to plant in large moveable containers. Even partial shade can cause plants to flower early. So, make sure you keep them in direct sunlight!

    Soil, Soil, and Soil. Oh, and Soil!

    The importance of your soil can’t be stressed enough. Building healthy soil not only makes your plants thrive, but it also makes your job easier in the long run. Guano, compost, and worm castings are all great ways to feed your soil. Don’t forget that you’ll want some nitrogen at first, to help those babies start strong. Later in the season, they’ll be craving potassium and phosphorus to boost flowering. Calcium’s another vital element. Your plants consume the same amount of calcium as they do nitrogen, if not more. Oyster shell meal is a great organic supplement for calcium!

    A Few of My Favorite Strains to Grow Outdoors

    California Indica

    With more of a citrus taste and nose, the effects are that of a typical Indica. California Indica can produce large plants with heavy yields when planted outdoors.


    Originating on California’s central coast, haze delivers a very distinctive scent and flavor of mint and pine. When growing in warmer climates, haze will do well.


    This Sativa dominant hybrid has a sweet and spicy quality. It grows well in mild temperatures, which makes it a top choice for outdoor growers around the United States. 

    Gorilla Glue

    Of all the phenos of this hybrid, #4 is the most popular. With pungent pine flavors and a bit of skunk, this strain has the potential to provide an incredible, extra sticky harvest.

    Something to Keep in Mind

    So, you’re a wiz when it comes to growing indoors! Great! Now tuck that ego away. Although you’ll be using some of the skills you’ve picked up indoors, apart from the elements, you’ll soon start to explore new cultivation practices. Forget about the digital meters and grow lights, for now. Now is the time to become one with your plants and with nature. Your ability to read the elements, as well as your plants, will largely dictate your success. Remember to give your plants space! Bunching plants up to capture optimal illumination won’t work outside. So provide them with plenty of room to spread out!

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