The Wisdom in Outrage

    There seems to be a sense of outrage these days.   Outrage is a strong word but I use it here to make a point.  I personally agree with Seth MacFarlane when he said “Most of the outrage comes from not the public, but from the media, the press and writers”.  Yet there is a palpable level of distress and even disgust as people are disturbed by the actions of individuals, groups, systems, institutions and each other. 

    This isn’t happening because of one person or one group etc. It is because our systems are broken and the way we treat each other is intolerable.  Bad, self serving  behavior is not new. In fact, it has been in play for many years and coming to an undeniable culmination this year. Why? So that we can make the changes to create a new world that offers freedom, equality, compassion and abundance for all who want it.

    Outrage is a gift if you can get to the root. Take a look at what is currently upsetting you and break it down. First, look at the person/group/behavior/system/institution and identify what about it is disturbing.  Then look beyond the who and the what and find the root. What is it about that person/group/system/event etc that triggers you.  Is it injustice? Oppression? Dishonesty? Inequality? Lack of responsibility, accountability, generosity or integrity?

    “Channel your outrage… Do that which you are able to do” ~ Kathy Reichs

    Then use this information to create change. First, internalize it.  Start with yourself since nothing changes until you do. Where in your own behavior or life do you display that upsetting trait that you see in others? Everything is a mirror so take an honest look at where you exhibit the same characteristic to whatever degree. We often are what we judge so first clean up your own house so to speak. This exercise also helps you process your strong feelings that may be in the range of the lower vibration (refer to my post from September 28th) and elevates it, and you, to the higher frequency. 

    Next, externalize it. Use your voice and take action towards creating the change. It can be as simple as dialoguing with a friend or sharing your truth on social media. Or take if further and and support a cause or an organization that reflects your truth. Donate, spread the word about their work, or get involved.  Perhaps consider starting your own. 

    Step one shifts your vibration into a higher frequency.  Then when you act, when you take this out into the world, you will come from a place of peace, temperance, harmony and love which is higher frequency than outrage and higher frequency. 

    Use the wisdom of your intense emotions and reactions to serve yourself and the greater good. Otherwise, it only serves to bring you down and contributes the problem.  Be a part of the solution and actively contribute to creating our new, beautiful world!

    As always, if you need help exploring these or other concepts I write about, contact me!


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