The Value of Community

    Community is a familiar concept. One definition is of community “a unified body of individuals”. It is also a social state or condition: “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society” such as a neighborhood, family unit, workplace or school. In some cultures for example, extended families are heavily interdependent on each other, sharing resources as a means to survive and thrive. School sports encourage school spirit, fundraisers benefit programs, all facilitated by their community. Community creates a sense of belonging, a feeling of support and is a means to survive and thrive both individually and collectively.

    The cannabis community is very familiar with the nature of community. As members of this community, you share information and resources for farming, formulation, distribution, application and business development. You join your efforts for the movement towards legalization. As a whole, you are also creating a paradigm shift regarding cannabis, the value of its uses and eliminating stigma. All of this allows your industry to survive and thrive. You understand the value of community in this way.

    Now that you recognize how valuable community in this specific industry, think about the benefits of creating community in other areas of your life. A community offers support in good and bad times. It’s an opportunity for reciprocation to give and receive, to get what you need and provide a need to another. Look at your life and see where you could tap into this more: your place of work, your neighborhood, your spiritual or religious center, your gym just to name a few. Connect more with the people around you.  

    Do you know any of your neighbors? Create a sense of safety and support and get to know at least one of them. Walking your dog is a great way to do this. Do you belong to a gym or a social club? That is a good place to create community rooted in a common interest. Spiritual or religious centers are an obvious place where community exists but do you engage with others or do you just do your thing and leave? Perhaps you have a favorite coffee shop you frequent. That is a natural gathering place for community. 

    You don’t have to be extroverted to do this. In fact, it’s likely already happening and maybe you don’t recognize it. Just look around. Engage a little more. Have an interest in others well-being and share your own interest with others. You see first-hand how community benefits the cannabis community. Imagine what it can do for you personally and for those you love. Community begets itself. Once you have that mindset, you will see community in so many areas in your life. It brings a sense of comfort and confidence. The world is a safer place when you have community. 

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    Julie Farha is a recognized intuition expert, intuitive insight coach, speaker, corporate trainer and author. She understands the importance of intuition and teaches people and companies how to apply it to everyday life and decision-making.  


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