The Most Popular Cannabis Strains of 2020

    Since the legalization of cannabis happened, more and more gardeners seem to show interest in growing cannabis. Spring is the perfect time to plow some seeds and clone plants. Most of the people are opting for home growing facilities to make the most out of this deal. You can also purchase in legal states by visiting any licensed store, showing your valid ID card and paying around $50 to $100 for a pack of ten seeds, or buy a small clone plant for much less amount. With this digitalization taking place, the online purchase of cannabis seeds is also regulated based on specific legal laws. Be it Sativa or Indica, and they are just a click away. Everyone is excited to see which strains would be popular in 2020!

    All these strains are surely going to stir the cannabis market. Breeders work on them resiliently to come up with something effective every time which out beat the rest. With the legalization of marijuana, it became a versatile mode of medication at this time. There are a numerous amount of published articles speaking to its usage for the adults. Consider the right amount for the dosage, and if the person is aware of the strain, they are using for the medical or recreational purpose. The strains that are going to create a buzz due to their properties in 2020 are Cookies Gelato, Northern Lights, Royal Gorilla, Green Gelato, Triple G, and Hulkberry.

    Without further ado, let’s get into the details!

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 1

    Cookies Gelato

    It is arguably true that this strain proves to be the most aromatic one, which is a lovechild of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33. This breed comes from two legendry strains, and it inherits their sweet taste, insane potency, and high productivity. This robust bud is an ideal choice for people who have a great love for cannabis and have been using it for years now. Its monstrous THC level can quickly thrust the mind and suspends consciousness for hours. It is a beautiful manifestation of the best traits from both its parents, which helped it to earn its spot in a matter of minutes. A call to euphoric rush, all those novice smokers, this might not be one to start with. This hybrid contains 50% Sativa and 50% Indica and promises to bring unforgettable time being a luxury treat. 

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 3

    Northern Lights

    Merely mentioning the name of this strain is sufficient for all the cannabis connoisseurs. This pure Indica is cherished for its resinous bud and resilience. Its legendary status belongs to Afghanistan and Thai genetics. This tried and tested strain is pungently sweet and spicy with the right amount of aroma. It is an ideal deal for all those people who are looking for something to rest their psychological needs; your search ends right here. 

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 5

    Royal Gorilla

    Though this seed originated in the USA, now it is readily available outside of its premises. This insanely powerful hybrid has THC levels exceeding 25%, which makes it a prominent choice to balance euphoria and experience relaxation altogether. It is medically recommended by the doctors to treat chronic pains or other ailments due to its high potency.

    This pleasantly green bud was a coincidental discovery but seemed a perfect one due to its blown away results. Its right balance made it well known among therapeutic usage. This hybrid is 50% Indica and Sativa balanced and is considered as an outstanding hybrid among the globe for its features. 

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 7

    Green Gelato

    Green Gelato came into existence by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Exclusive craftsmanship was considered while working on this particular hybrid, which results in some of the best choices among cannabis connoisseur. The taste and aroma offered by this plant are hard to be described in words. It may seem weird to think about mixing mint cookies with orange sherbet, but what you get at the end makes it worthy enough to be consumed.

    THC content passing 25% makes it strong high, and this intoxicating mixture will soon take one in the sea of tranquility. It takes around 8 to 9 weeks to grow and complete the flowering process. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, and length would vary accordingly. To make the most out of its harvesting, careful trimming and topping would be required. This strain also encompasses medical properties to deal with pain, mood swings and raising appetite, etc.

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 9

    Triple G

    Extracting the most exceptional traits from Gorilla Glue #4 and Gelato 33 results into having Triple G. It is one of the best-in-class hybrids which can please the body like anything else. Novice smokers should consider taking this specific strain with caution as it has a massive THC level. It causes an immediate euphoric rush, which will light up the central nervous system and brings an enjoyable feeling. It is only for those people who can handle being high and want to experience a ride of creativity and contemplation.

    The most popular cannabis strains of 2020 11


    These feminized seeds are readily available, being the best type of hybrid strain. Created by crossing Ghost OG with Strawberry Diesel; it is mainly 65 % Sativa and 35% Indica. Massive harvesting is expected from it, along with ultra-high THC production. It is also known as Bruce Banner #3, and it particularly stands out from the rest. It has already made its way by storm to Europe and beyond. It achieved cult status in a relatively short amount of time as it is unmistakably strong. Its THC content surpassing 28% makes one unleashing an energetic head high. This is not just a potent mixture; it also has a sweet fruity taste. This strain can quickly grow indoors and outdoors, where outdoor plants would be tall up to 200 cm, indoor plants would be something around 80 – 140 cm.

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