The Monday Mood: 3-22-21

    Hello, I’m Sam Kiper, Your friendly neighborhood weed enthusiast. Welcome to The Monday Mood. This week we’re talking about Influencer Marketing Programs and why you may want to use them. 

    Influencer marketing is a social media-driven strategy. Usually, an influencer with a large and dedicated fan following is hired to ‘product mention’ or otherwise ‘endorse’ a specific brand. This can be a highly successful marketing strategy because the influencer you are hiring has already built a high amount of trust with their fan following.

    A simple example would be to imagine Beyonce, AKA. The Queen Bee, as an influencer. With her 170 million followers, If she told her loyal fans to go buy Dairy Queens’new “Queen Bee Blizzard.” That blizzard would be sold out all across the country. So generally, the larger the following, the greater the results. **BUT WAIT!!!! SOMETHING TO NOTE** Followers can be bought for reasonably cheap, and if you don’t know what to look for when you are doing your research, you could end up getting scammed.  

    The average ‘influencer’ is not Beyonce. So, It’s crucial to do your research correctly when choosing an influencer. You want to find influencers that match your brand’s lifestyle. If your brand doesn’t relate with them, it’s not going to relate with their audience.  So when choosing to use influencer marketing. You, as a business owner, are hiring a real person (influencer) to promote your brand, and you can do this a couple of ways. 

    1. You do your research and directly message someone you believe would do well to represent your brand. Platforms like Instagram are a popular source.   

    2. You hire a company with an influencer program, and together, you customize your budget and choose between a list of influencers they represent. Usually, companies that offer this service provide legitimate influencers with a much larger following. Companies like NUGL  are a popular source with a great Influencers Program.

    So that’s it. Chose wisely, my friends!

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    Thanks for stopping by. I’m your host, Sam Kiper. 

    See you next week!


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