The Light Time of Year

    During the month of December, the Light quotient on this planet increases.  There is literally more light everywhere, even in the form of decorative lights sparkling all over the place.  

    The holiday season opens hearts as people are more focused on love, loved ones and generosity and open hearts bring in more Light.  Even this year of unprecedented hardship, isolation, grief and stress has connected us more to our hearts which increases the Light. The holidays are a difficult time for many as their pain and hardships are amplified. Yet, with the difficulties of this year, those more fortunate are even more aware of those who struggle, which open hearts and increases the Light. See a pattern here?

    Light doesn’t eliminate dark, it shines light on the dark… it illuminates it.  Light is the highest vibration, frequency, that exists.  As more Light comes into a person, situation, area, the overall frequency lifts. 

    If you are one who enjoys the holidays, help to amplify the Light quotient even more this year. Express your joy and generosity as often as possible. Reach out to people in need, be extra kind to strangers. Hang more lights in and outside of your home.  Lights make people happy! Use your light to see the struggles of others and offer respite where you can.  

    If you are one who struggles during the holidays, tap into the Light that is present. Let it wash over you and comfort you.  Reach out for help and bask in the energy of receiving.  Show kindness to others and be lifted by the energy of giving.  Even if you struggle, you can offer respite to others which will open your heart and increase the Light. Bring more light into your space with candles or decorative lights. Light yourself up! The light will also allow your emotions to move through you… your grief, sorrow, fear, pain, loneliness…. So that you can release it and fee lighter in the moment. 

    The Light quotient overall on the planet has increased over the past years which is why all this chaos is happening.  We are in a time of big changes and as the Light brings the dark into focus, it will illuminate what needs to change, what must go, in our lives and in our nation and our world. Big discoveries and revelations are likely in the coming months as we are able to see more clearly what has been hidden. The bright light of December makes it hard to ignore what we are being shown. All of this is necessary as we shift into higher ways of being, living from heart, compassion, equality, passion, creativity and freedom. That is the big movement currently taking place and December will be a turning point.

    Harness the Light of the season.  Spread your light to anyone and everyone, including yourself.  Receive the Light that is around and let it lift you. Trust the Light to show you what you need to see and be open to new truths.

    I leave you with the love and kindness prayer to carry with you now and always: 

    May you be well

    May you be happy

    May you be peaceful

    May you be free


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