THC-O-Acetate: the Newest Way to Combat Anxiety and Insomnia

    One of the inevitable realities of the cannabis business is that companies are going to want to innovate, to find that unique selling proposition that will put them front and center in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    Different strains of marijuana, even synthetic ones, aren’t a new concept. THC-O Acetate, while also not new, has been redeveloped to provide consumers with a different kind of high: one that can make day to day anxiety or insomnia a thing of the past. If you want to know more, you can visit this website for more information and see how it can be beneficial to you.

    What is THC-O Acetate?

    THC-O is a cannabinoid, just like THC and CBD (the likes of which can be found at FL dispensaries). It is however much stronger than its cousin-up to three times more potent-producing a high that is spiritual, relaxing, and able to go a long way to eliminating anxiety. A lot of users report that it creates an introspective state of mind that lingers over the course of several days. Just like CBD you can find supplied by the likes of EDO CBD, THC-O has also been reported as being helpful for people who suffer from insomnia, delivering an easy, restful sleep rather than a knockout punch. For people who suffer from stress, insomnia, and anxiety, THC-O Acetate is a game-changer. For those who would rather go for the CBD option, they want to be able to find the best one that suits them and their needs. There are articles such as – ‘Why We Stand Out From Competitors – Shaman Botanicals‘, that can aid people in their research into this form of help.

    Unlike standard THC, it is not a naturally occurring compound, so it has to be created in a lab with some fairly evolved chemistry! In the past, creating an acetylate of a natural compound required dangerous chemicals. Thanks to innovation in this area, chemists have been able to create THC-O Acetate with safe, approved chemicals.

    In creating it, all other elements like flavonoids are stripped away, so THC-O Acetate has no flavor or odor, which makes it easy to combine as an edible for the consumer, for example.

    THC-O Acetate is a prodrug-essentially a delivery system-of THC, which in layman’s terms means that the drug, once ingested, needs to be deacetylated by enzymes in our bodies before the THC becomes active enough to produce the psychoactive effects. It’s a process that takes about 30 minutes if created as a standard edible. That’s why another important innovation, Nanobidiolà „ Technology, is a key delivery method for THC-O Acetate.

    How will we consume THC-O Acetate?

    THC-O Acetate, like other cannabinoids, isn’t water soluble. For the consumer, this means that the body subjects the molecule to the same filtering process it does other fat-soluble molecules, causing you to get a lower percentage of the molecules into your bloodstream. That is, until you combine the powerful effects of THC-O Acetate with cutting edge technology like Nanobidiolà „ .

    This technology reduces THC-O oil to a nano-sized particle, which can then be incorporated into lotions, patches, honey… anything really. Since humans are 80% water, it’s normal that our bodies reject hydrophobic substances like oils. The nanoencapsulation technology allows for the more effective transference of active ingredients. The minute size ensures the cleanest, most efficient, and most discreet form of cannabis consumption.

    Although it is a synthetic version of what is otherwise a natural product, which may cause some concern among purists, THC-O Acetate is an excellent way to provide relief for anxiety and stress, without having to smoke cannabis directly. For people who would prefer not to inhale smoke, this offers an alternative with distinct psychoactive effects.

    Author Bio: Serge Chistov is a cannabis industry expert and Chief Financial Partner with Honest Marijuana Co. Honest Marijuana has been a leader in cannabis innovation since it’s inception with an organic approach to the growth, production and packaging of cannabis, the launch of the first-ever organic hemp wrapped the machine rolled blunts, the invention of Nanobidiol Technology, and the first company to bring THC-O-Acetate technology and products to market. Learn more at or @honestmarijuanaco


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