Stigma of the Stoner

    If someone called me a stoner 25 years ago, it would have offended me because I was law student studying my ass off and was I no way lazy.  The word stoner automatically came with the connotation of being lazy or a loser, or worse a lazy loser.

    Today, I wear it like a badge of honor.  Gawd damn right I’m a stoner, a successful stoner!  Over 60% of the country is in favor of cannabis (either medicinal and/or adult use) and the time has come to break the stigma of the stoner.

    The argument has long been made, “my nephew smokes pot all day and is just lazy” or “that friend of yours is a pot head loser”.  Well, I am here to tell you that your nephew is just lazy and happens to smoke cannabis and your friend is a loser who happens to smoke cannabis.  It is NOT the cannabis that makes someone lazy or unsuccessful, it is that person and their own will, drive, determination or lack thereof.

    The Pot Brothers at Law have been at the forefront of trying to break the stigma.  We are the only attorneys (that we are aware of) out there on social media openly using cannabis in all forms.  We toke joints, blunts, vapes, dabs, bongs and use edibles, tinctures, oils and rubs.  We have been encouraging and challenging other professionals to come out of the green closet to further show the world that cannabis users come in all forms and are extremely successful.

    I know doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, teachers and so many others who use cannabis but refuse to go public.  They even hide it from their families and are afraid to speak to their children about it.  You can be certain of one thing if you do not educate your children at home about cannabis (and anything for that matter) they will learn it from Johnny and it will be a different version of the truth.  The negative stigma continues to interfere with a parent’s decision to properly educate their children.  Once we can breakthrough the nonsense that a cannabis user must be a loser and lazy, we can get to the core fact that most stoners are successful.

    I remember when we would sneak off to grab a few hits from a pipe, then douse our eyes with Visine (to remove the red eyes), pop a breath mint and spray so much cologne that we stunk like French whores, all in a combined effort to hide the fact that we just toked up.

    Today, my eyes are red, so what.  I smell like cannabis, so what.  Usually when I walk into a store or restaurant I am complimented on the way I smell, which quickly turns into a smoke sesh outside with some new friends.

    Very truly yours,

    MARCMarc D Wasserman, Esq. 

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    Marc D. Wasserman, Esq.

    Law Offices of Marc D. Wasserman, Inc.

    12362 Beach Blvd., Suite 15 Stanton, CA 90680 

    (714)934 8383 714 799 5504 fax 

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