Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

    Here are some signs that you may be experiencing an awakening:

    We are going through a mass spiritual awakening. People are waking up to who they truly are and what matters to them. The desire to connect with Spirit, to that high vibration of Source is stronger now than ever. There is a deeper awareness of what is and is not working in our world, the realities of human suffering, what they see as right and wrong, and rising to create change within themselves and the world around them. For some, this is happing out of choice and others out of crisis. Either way, it is happening, and the result is more Light on this planet than dark, for the first time. Sure, it may be hard to see, but it is there, and it is changing our world!

    Here are a few signs you may be experiencing an awakening:

    • You see through the eyes of compassion more than judgment.
    • Your intuition comes through more clearly, and you lean into it more.
    • You yearn to discover your own spiritual perspective: to find what resonates with you as truth, to what you believe about God/Source/Creator/Central Sun, your Spirit, and soul, the afterlife, etc.
    • Awareness of your fears, emotions, thoughts, and energetic field increases, and you begin to understand each impact on your wellbeing, your life, and the world around you. You now understand that your inner world creates your outer reality.
    • Your spiritual gifts begin to awaken, or you gain a greater awareness of these abilities. Heightened intuition, your true empathic nature, sensitivity to energies, the ability to channel, to communicate with those on the other side are some examples of spiritual gifts.
    • A practice of grounding, clearing, and connecting to Spirit becomes a part of your daily routine.
    • The bigger picture becomes as important as the smaller picture. As you watch the details unfold, you start to see bigger forces at play. Life and world events aren’t just happening “to” you or because they did this or that. It is part of a grander dynamic that creates opportunities to heal fears and wounds and grow into better versions of ourselves, raising our frequency and bringing us closer to the frequency of God/Source/Creator.

    The awakening is happening and has been for quite some time. The Light is rising. Focus on your journey of awakening to heal fears, change old patterns, deepen your capacity to love, and change your life and the world around you. Determine what works for you and create your practice of grounding, clearing, and connecting to Source and Spirit. As you do this, you lift the collective frequency, which inspires others to do the same and brings a sense of heaven on earth. Ahhhhhhh


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