Hello everyone!

    If you listened to my Instagram Live last week, you know that I am on a healing journey with Ellcee Love and her @RegenrationCBD oil.  I am getting real and raw with all of you as we document my progress with her products as I go through a season in life. Through my journey, I hope to inspire you to become sovereign over your Self, health and life!

    What is a season in life? It’s a phase when you have a series of challenges and changes. We all have these challenging cycles, often resulting in tremendous growth, positive outcomes in the long run, and a more profound sense of Self and strength.  But boy, is it unpleasant… UGH.

    Here is a little about my season and the outcomes that I am experiencing:

    In the past two and a half months, both my beloved mother and my spiritual teacher died unexpectedly, and I had a mass removed from my breast and have to go back in to remove more tissue. The first two things are excruciating, especially the mom part. There are no words to describe it. Grief is a lifelong process that doesn’t end but changes. The last thing, the surgery, is just something that had to be dealt with to get on with life.

    Through my mother’s death I now have no living parents and I am forced to grow up in new ways. You think as a full-fledged adult, you are all grown up. Well, you quickly discover that you are not!  My mother embodied strength, courage, and grace. She was feisty, fun, and a trailblazer. I think of her in awe and realize how much I am NOT like her in these ways.  Now I make a conscious effort to assimilate those attributes within myself. I often ask myself, “what would mom do?”

    As for my spiritual teacher, Jaison, he was a lifeline for me in many ways and he really “saw” me. He was preparing me and pushing me to step into my Work fully. Now I have to fully “see” myself… as it should be, right? I am making plans to take my Work out there into the world in significant ways and not hold anything back. I will also incorporate some of his brilliant teachings into my own as an honor to him.  No more excuses… it’s GO time!

    Finally, out of the health issue is gratitude for my good health at 52, despite this glitch. Also for the awareness it has brought inspires me to make some improvements to my wellness practices. I’m researching some specific things as well as taking the incredible Regeneration CBD.

    What season are you in? Do you see the potential for growth, positive outcomes, and a deeper sense of Self? If you aren’t in a current phase such as this, reflect on a past season and see where these elements apply. I’m not going to say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes stuff just happens. But “stuff” is ALWAYS an opportunity to find out who you truly are and excavate a deeper well of bravery, strength, wisdom, patience, and appreciation.  If it’s going to happen, you may as well get some gifts from it, right?? If you are having difficulty identifying the gems, reach out to me, and I can help.

    Get the support you need during these times therapy, friends, nature, baths, journaling, tears. As you move through your season, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things will look different on the other side, but different doesn’t have to be negative, just different because you are birthing a new and improved you. And remember, seasons constantly change.


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