(Royal Blunts) Alex – NUGL TV Live @ Kushstock 2021

    Welcome to a very special edition of NUGL Live at Kushstock. Today we are featuring Alex from Royal Blunts, to chat about their Royal Blunts Cigar Wraps & Hemp Wraps. You definitely want to check these guys out! For more info visit their IG @RoyalBlunts or their website

    About Royal Blunts

    Producing High-Quality Wraps Since 1995

    Royal Blunts is a Southern California-based company that is on the leading edge of new tobacco and smoking accessories. Established in 1995, Royal Blunts has been manufactured by New Image Global Inc., for over 2 decades, Royal Blunts has constantly pushed the boundaries with innovative products and flavors, taking the industry by storm.

    The lineup of products include:

    • EZ Roll Single – The original single cigar wrap
    • XXL Cigar Wraps – Roll up to four with the XXL line
    • Mini Cigar Wraps – Classic mini’s for any occasion

    The newest addition to the Royal Family:

    • Hemparillo – Four pack of our go to Hemp Wraps
    • XXL Herbal Wraps – The classic XXL line now in Hemp!

    Cigar Wraps

    Your Wrap, your way with exotic flavors and assorted sizes for any occasion, packed in industry-grade pouches.

    Pack It Like It’s Hot

    Our cigar wraps come in sizes for every occasion, from XXL to Mini. No matter the occasion, every wrap is easy to roll, burns slow, and keeps the cherry alive, allowing for hassle-free smoke.

    Perfect Taste With Every Toke

    Royal Blunts wraps come in a resealable pouch and are infused with fresh flavors like grape, watermelon, strawberry, and Wet Mango. They also come in unique flavors for when you want to experiment, such as Jamaica Rum, Black Mamba, and even Chicken and Waffles!


    Merge the best of both worlds with tobacco-free hemp wraps that pack a flavorful punch.

    Organic, Slow Burning, and All Natural

    Tobacco and Nicotine Free, we use the finest European Hemp for a smooth slow toke.

    Smoke Now or Save for Later

    Don’t have time to kick back and relax? No worries! Every pouch comes with 4 hemp wraps, each of which has a shelf life of 18 months.

    Royal Blunts Shop

    Royal Blunts is the #1 provider of high-quality roll your own smoking accessories. Our hemp is European sourced and always packs a punch with our exotic flavors.

    We are happy to give our loyal customers the ability to shop online for all of our non-tobacco products.

    For more info visit their IG @RoyalBlunts or their website


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