Root to Rise… and Shine

    This is the year of active pause. We all know that Covid-19 has brought life to a halt in many ways. While there may be many things you can’t do as a result, there is a great deal that you can and should be doing during this time. Hence “active pause”.

    For example, this is a time to assess priorities in your personal and professional life. The pandemic has shifted the importance of things for many of us. What matters to you? Why do those things matter?

    How are your relationships? The true dynamics of our relationships have come to light during this time. Take stock of what is working and where healing is needed. Get honest with yourself about what relationships don’t serve you and need to end or change. Appreciate the people in your life and the aspects of your relationships that add to your life and expand your heart.

    Go within. Begin/accelerate your journey of self-awareness and healing. Read books. Seek therapy. Begin or amp up a practice as I call it…. your personal method to center, calm, ground yourself, manage stress, and connect with Spirit. Yoga, journaling, meditation, music, cooking, creative projects, drinking lots of water… whatever is your way of connecting so that you can move through life with more ease and receive instant clarity as needed.

    Work your business. While business may be slow right now, it isn’t dead. The economy won’t stay like this forever. In the very near future (sooner than you may think) life will open up fully and you will want to be ready! Don’t just plan, execute. Even small efforts right now will poise you to be ready when the dust clears. The “new” business is about integrity, community, and equality so take this time to make sure yours is aligned with those principles. Businesses who don’t operate with these traits will struggle more and more in the future.

    You have to root to rise. This year is about cleaning house, internally (root) so that once life opens up again you will be ready to rise… rise and shine to create your life to your liking and as we create a new society of freedom, equality, compassion, and abundance for all who want it.


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