Release Notes (Web App), 12/21/2018


    General Updates
    – We’ve lowered the size of our web application, which means downloading and browsing should be faster, and easier on people using mobile data. Continuous custom web application development is key for us and for you too.
    – The way we load our data (search results, connection information, geolocation) has been adjusted, which means a faster, more responsive app while still respecting user’s bandwidth.
    – We’re updated our link embed (seen on other websites & services), but we’ll be improving the way links embed on other services for specific listings as well in the future.

    Web App: Map & search
    – Filtering has had a huge overhaul.
    — Searching using the main search bar now filters your search results.
    — Filtering can now be done by category, or more granular.
    — A badge will tell you how many, if any, filters you currently have active.
    — Added some convenience buttons for clearing your search and/or filters.
    — Filter colors are now closer to the original sidebar theme.
    – Searching returns better (more complete) data more often, meaning our sorting is better and the actual listings you can visit should have better information.  This is an area we’re constantly improving, so it’s worth keeping an eye on as we continue to roll out our data updates.

    Web App: Accounts
    – Added a loading indicator for while images are uploading.  Improvements are still coming down the pipeline for images as a whole, but this should make it more obvious when something is happening.
    – Business listings no longer require agreeing to your state’s licensing in order to proceed.
    – Accounts now have four tabs beyond profiles:  Retail Store, Brand, Influencer, and Service
    – Account creation tutorial has been removed
    – Many updates to editing a listing’s information.
    – Added more company types.
    – Added more product types.

    Web App: Public Pages
    – Reviews show profile images, or some sensible default.  More work is coming down the line to improve this area.
    – Fixes were made for a certain situation which would make your operating hours display incorrectly.

    New!: NUGL Partnerships & Advertisements
    – We’ve partnered with people and companies active in the cannabis community.  This keeps us in touch with what the community actually wants, and as part of this we serve two “ads” on our main page.
    – All images and links served through these partnerships are vetted by our team, so we’re able to keep our own hands on making sure they meet our standards.  Additionoally, since we do not use a third party ad network, companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook will not be jotting down whatever activity you may have on the NUGL website.
    – These partnerships are focused on the cannabis comomunity so we can serve people’s needs in a way that makes sense, while also giving companies seeking a method to “get the word out” an option.
    – There is now a small banner at the top of the search results.  These ads do not look like or masquerade as actual listing results.  When one of our ads clicked, we keep track of it initially in order to better plan how to best serve our partners as well as the end user.  
    – There is now a small square dismissable sponsored image on certain sizes of the main map.


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