Relationship Goofies

    I’ve been hearing stories lately about big challenges in relationships.  Have your relationships been moving along relatively smoothly and then all of the sudden you are having arguments about things that were never an issue? Or have you both been working hard on your relationship, making great progress on harmony and communication and you have regressed back to the old ways of relating?  Are you picking at each other about every little thing, much less tolerant of each other and overly annoyed about virtually everything?  Yeah, it’s sort of a theme right now. But don’t fret! It will pass.

    It’s been a hell of a year and it is reaching its boiling point with the election. Plus the planets are increasing the intensity in a major way. This is all for a purpose though. It’s not just to make us crazy. Planets align to support us in our journey of growth, awakening and change. 

    Assuming that for the most part your relationship flows along with the usual ups and downs, this is just a bump. It’s a bigger and maybe longer bump than usual but still a bump.  It is an opportunity to see where the work is needed. It’s likely so glaring that you can’t ignore or deny it!

    So take a look at what this discord is showing you.  Do your communication skills need a refresher or a deeper look?  Have you noticed an area where you two are not cohesive? Is that issue you have been suppressing finally on the surface? Or maybe it’s a matter of having more patience and grace with each other.

    On the other side of this coin, if your relationship is truly dysfunctional and not serving you (or them), then the discomfort will be strong in order to compel you to act.  What I have seen lately however is people who are in good places in their relationships over all have regressed back to old patterns or negative behaviors. 

    Hey, we are all on edge right now. Everyone is acting a little goofy.  Even if you don’t give two hoots about the election or it’s outcome, the tension is palpable everywhere. You can’t really escape it. And after a very long year of all kinds of stuff that is still in the mix. So go easy on yourself and each other.  Look at what the discord is showing you and do the work that is needed.  Be more benevolent and less reactive. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Finally, don’t forget to breathe!! Better yet, let’s all breathe together.  Inhale… Exhale… Ahhhhhh….

    PS: Call me and let me support you!


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