Power vs Force

    Greetings friends!

    I apologize for my absence.  Lots of shifting and changing going on over here.  Are you feeling it too?  I bet you are! While you may be very busy right now, this is a month for being more than doing. So many things are in transition within us and around us and it is important to let things fall into place instead of forcing anything.  It’s “power vs force”. 

    When you are being, you are in your power. You are in a state of allowing things to come to you, of patiently waiting, and using your intuition to create action and solutions.  You know what to do exactly at the right time and the right way.  It comes to you easily.  When you are in a state of force, you are doing just that… forcing things to happen.  When you force, you can unintentionally go against the flow, your actions may not be at the right time or the right way, or may not be for your highest good.  We are so used to operating in this mode that we don’t recognize it. When you are in your power, you are grounded, centered and enjoying life more. When you are in force mode, you are in your head, often frustrated because of what others are doing or what is or isn’t happening. When you are in force mode, your creations tend to manifest with more difficulty, stress, and anxiety. When you are in your power, things happen more elegantly and with a lot more fun and more successful results. Power is driven by being. Force is driven by doing.  Power is heart centered. Force is ego centered.  

    Here is an example. I have sat down multiple times to write a post to you and for the magazine, feeling guilty and irresponsible for not having communicated in a few weeks. I have changed topics multiple times, forcing the information to be channeled so that I give timely and relevant insights. I have had a heck of a time staying focused long enough to finish an idea and then a new one comes because I was forcing the information to appear.  I’d come up with yet a new topic and kept getting distracted. It has been so frustrating! When I am in my power, it FLOWS through me, in another voice and is crystal clear. But I have been forcing something to come through because I had to “do” this and keep coming up empty.  Then I decided to write a post to all of you and not worry about an article.  I wanted to touch base and connect with everyone and let the pressure go. And then poof… it starts flowing. I was really just going to write a quick hello which has turned into this… all because I stopped forcing/doing and focused on being which puts me in my power. 

    This is the end of a most difficult year.  While some have fared better than others, we are all feeling the collective struggles and pain. As I wrote before, the month of December is full of Light and hearts are wide open and you are feeling so much more of EVERYTHING.

    This year has taught us how to manage unexpected changes and not be completely thrown off center. This will serve us well in 2021. Learning to be in your power mode and not force mode will also serve you well. Practice operating from a place of power instead of force. Practice “being” more and “doing” less. A Course In Miracles says “I need do nothing”. A lot happens when you do nothing, when you are in a state of being.  Spontaneous clarity, answers, ideas and action steps appear automatically and with ease.  You are more connected to Source and to your spirit when you are in a state of being. You are more present in the moment. Magic happens because you aren’t in your head and aren’t even looking for it. You are in a state of allowing magic, miracles, answers and all the good stuff that life has to offer.

    As the holidays have started, may you feel the Light more than ever before and see a glimpse of the Light within you and others. THIS is how we change the world with more humanity and less violence.  Shine brightly my friends!


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