Pot Brothers at Law – The Green Rush Ep2

    Welcome to “The Green Rush”, a long-form interview with some of the most influential people in the cannabis industry. Hosted by Jessica Serrano: Growth Strategist for NUGL Media, and author of “Backdoor Marketing” for NUGL Magazine. 

    Pot Brothers at Law – Craig and Marc Wasserman – are no strangers to the ever-changing world of cannabis. From a Schedule 1 drug to essential business, cannabis has taken many forms in society, and the Pot Brothers at Law have been at the forefront of nearly every pro-cannabis effort on the ballot. In today’s episode of “The Green Rush”, Craig and Marc Wasserman discuss what’s coming down the pipeline in politics, the Cannabis Party, regulations you need to know, and what to do if you’re caught in a bind. When in doubt… “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

    “Pot Brothers at Law, fighting for the cannabis community, breaking stigmas, and teaching people to ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP’ when cops ask questions.”

    – Marc Wasserman 

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