Paytender, Safe Banking Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

    As most of us are aware, with the legalization of cannabis, came the need for safe and secure banking solutions, lenders, and merchant accounts.

    Enter Paytender.

    Let’s face it, you’ve been let down, and your business has been served an injustice by companies claiming to have solved your canna-based business needs. You’re running a legit operation, but is your money safe and secure? Do YOU feel safe and secure?  I didn’t think so. So why is the cannabis industry still operating in the shadows?

    The federal government has closed down banks, frozen merchant accounts, and even made arrests for money laundering throughout the cannabis industry. It’s a frightening position to be in, as a business owner. Threats like these drive companies to look for alternative solutions. Often skirting the grey line of compliance, companies carry large amounts of cash and product across state lines, making them targets for robbery and even police seizures. Moreover, the failure to establish credit often means shady business loans.

    The lack of banking opportunities in the cannabis industry is a very serious, and a very real problem. Until now.    

    Dama Financial, one of the first FDIC insured legitimate banking solutions for the cannabis industry, has now launched Paytender. Paytender is a user-friendly web app that allows dispensaries to accept electronic payments for canna-based products and services, changing and improving the way cannabis does business.

    Offering not just banking and safe transactions, but lending as well as a multitude of services to suit your business needs, including armored truck cash pickup, Dama Financial services is the way to go.

    Dispensaries see an average of 20% sales growth by using the Paytender App, and grow farms can easily and electrically transfer large sums of money making transactions safe and swift. 

    At NUGL, we will be tracking Paytender over the next few months, collecting feedback from users and dispensaries, to determine their progress, and collect testimonies from the people that count: You.

    Rest assured with Dama Financial and Paytender, a safer and more efficient way to bank. Your business will thank you.

    You can learn more at Paytender and Dama Financial


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