Oh My Head!

    As you know, I talk a lot about the value of being in the moment. Being in your head is the opposite of being in the moment. If you are in your head, you aren’t present… you are in your head thinking, ruminating, worrying, analyzing yourself out of the present and into the past or the future.  

    As one who lives in my head, I know the ramifications first hand (or head). It steals your peace, robs you of creativity and interferes with productivity. It also creates a state of anxiety, depression and negativity. UGH.

    You know you are in your head when you feel anxious, nervous or depressed, when you feel tension in your body, when your thoughts and reactions are negative more than positive, when you have a loop of scenarios going through your mind.  If you are grumpy, you are in your head. You can get so sucked into that vortex that you don’t even realize how uncomfortable you are. 

    Pay attention to this list above and note when you are in stuck in your head and need to make a shift. The way out is to ground (center) yourself and shift your energy to lift your mood. 

    To ground yourself: exercise, meditate, journal your thoughts, bounce your feet up and down to get the energy flowing to your feet and out of your head, dance around your house, do things to get in your body and to shake it off. It’s important to do these things regularly to stay centered. 

    Shift your mood with water, naps and laughter.  Water is a miracle worker. If you feel blue or sleepy, drink a glass of water and wait for the shift! Power naps reset your energy field and shift your mood.  When you do a power nap, consider listening to binaural beats so it is a combo nap/meditation. Sleep resets your energy and you will be in a different space. You may even feel your energy clear!

    Laughter shifts everything and instantly. Seriously.  Have you noticed how it snaps you out of your current mood? Find something to laugh at daily… social media videos, TV shows, comedy, funny books. I recently started watching South Park. Yeah, I know, I am WAAAAYYYY late to that game but I wasn’t interested in it until now for some reason.  It is such an irreverent show but OMG so funny! I think half the time I laugh because I can’t believe they are actually showing this on TV!  South Park is my go to when I need to shift my mood. Find yours if you don’t have one and use it often!

    Life is heavy these days but you don’t have to be. Try these methods to lift out of the slog. We have to make an effort to keep ourselves light or we will drown in the muck. So, ground yourself regularly and shift your mood with water, power naps and lots and lots of laughter.  Then you will be out of your head and able to hear instant insights and get inspired action as needed to navigate life plus you will enjoy it oh, so much more.


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