Take Charge of Your Health

    WooNews #15

    Dr. Sarica Cernohous discusses health from a holistic perspective. She explains in detail the essential components of a healthy immune system including sunlight (who knew?!), how our bodies natural cycles and rhythms impact our vulnerabilities to exposure, and gives an interesting perspective on viruses.  Tune in for in-depth scientific information and start taking charge of your health!


    NUGL TV Arnold "Bigg A" White & Jessica Serrano

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    NUGL TV Live Jessica Serrano

    In this free-form interview series, host Jessica Serrano sits down with cannabis business owners and leaders to discuss top trends in the cannabis industry. Guests include cannabis brand owners, dispensaries, cannabis influencers, lawmakers, and more.

    Lil Eazy E TV Eric "Lil Eazy E" Wright

    Lil Eazy E TV features hip-hop artist Lil Eazy E, son of the legendary Eazy-E, who will be chatting with some of the most iconic music legends about sports, music, and everything in-between.

    Ganja Eats Chef Matt

    Chef Matt specializes in crafting marijuana-infused food and beverages for everything from culinary masterpieces to a simple bowl of cereal. Follow along as we teach you to cook with cannabis on Ganja Eats.

    WooNews Julie Farha

    Hosted by Julie Farha, WooNews aims to bring spiritual concepts mainstream in a relatable and applicable way. Guests share personal journeys of challenge, triumph, and evolution while experts share wisdom and tools to help deepen spiritual connections within the world around us.