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    Looking to increase your knowledge of Microsoft and be up to date with the latest in security and certifications? Albert Ferrari and Marco Russo have put together A Variety of Top-Rated Prep Materials Including Exam Dumps for Microsoft Exam 70-778

    A Microsoft certification exam is not just an ornamental add-on to your professional profile. It’s actually an investment that yields an impressive return. When it comes to top IT certifications, Microsoft is always part of the foremost list. Therefore, it’s imperative that you do your best when preparing for a Microsoft certification exam.

    Using different references for exam 70-778 creates a big impact on your prep journey. In choosing the best materials, you certainly need to weigh your options strategically so you won’t be wasting your time studying irrelevant subjects. And to help you in your exam process, we’ve gathered and listed down all the right materials for Microsoft exam 70-778.

    1. Introducing Microsoft Power BI

    This Kindle edition is such a contributory tool that you need to incorporate in your list of prep materials. It’s a perfect reference for those who are just starting out with Microsoft Power BI. The book can provide you with basic and some in-depth information about Power BI so you improve your skills and further prepare you for your scheduled test.

    And the best thing about this useful material is that you can access it from Amazon for free via the Kindle app. Also, this one is highly-rated, which means it can certainly competently assist you in your exam prep. So, if you want a great foundation about the exam concepts, you can use this book as your guide.

    For those interested in learning more about Microsoft Power BI, Acuity Training provides some of the best courses (click here to learn more about Acuity’s Power BI course and its benefits.)

    2. Exam Ref 70-778 (April 2018)

    The most recommended book for exam 70-778 is the Exam Ref published on April 20, 2018. This material follows through the official list of exam topics reliably, ensuring that you learn all the intricate details comprising the exam. As a reference, this book covers the main objectives, which include managing data via Power BI Desktop, optimizing data, and configuring various features in the Power BI Service. All in all, the book will highlight your technical prowess in examining and visualizing data using Microsoft Power BI.

    To buy this book, simply visit the Microsoft Press Store. You have three options for this material: book only ($39.99), eBook only ($31.99), and book and eBook bundle ($43.19). So, if you want to save money and experience the utmost convenience, it’s best to avail of the bundle.

    3. Classroom Training Course 20778C

    Titled as “Course 20778C: Analyzing Data with Power BI”, this online material assists you in unlocking more important information about the exam. Through its all-inclusive discussions and hands-on labs, you won’t lose your way in tracking down the exam topics. Also, this course monitors the official Microsoft training content for easier reference.

    Since this is a classroom training that runs up to 5 days, you can conveniently discuss any apprehensions and ask for advice from your instructor. This course features the Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV), which will further help you prepare efficiently. For this course, you can choose between in-person and remote training.

    4. Self-paced Online Course

    If you can’t strictly allocate 5 days for the classroom training, you have another significant option, which is the self-paced course for exam 70-778. This online material is highly suitable for busy professionals who want to practice and learn at their preferred time and place. You can access this course for 6 weeks and it’s advisable that you spend at least 2 to 4 hours per week so you’ll cover all the subjects.

    And, this material is led by top Microsoft instructors, including Will Thompson, Jonathan Sanito, Kim Manis, and Miguel Llopis. Throughout this online training, you will go through a series of lecture-based videos, demos, practice tests, and hands-on labs. So, at the end of the course, you will master the Power BI and all its related functionalities such as importing data, authoring reports, and creating dashboards.

    5. Premium bundle from Exam-Labs

    Completing the list is the premium bundle provided by Exam-Labs. Exam-Labs is considered to be one of the best exam dumps websites presently and nothing is more fitting than to check out their online materials for 70-778. Their 70-778 bundle is a beneficial way to acquire more learning about Power BI.

    It’s because this bundle comes with 133 premium questions & answers, 141 training course lectures, and 669 study guide pages. And all these are regularly revised so that you only utilize the best and most updated materials. The exam dumps smoothly work using the VCE Player, so you need to download this one, along with the online files. To check the files provided you can try first free exam dumps.

    The end result when you positively accomplish exam 70-778

    Your certification journey does not end with just completing exam 70-778. If you want to become more valuable in your workplace, then it’s highly recommended to continue with exam 70-779, which is all about your analytical and visual skills in Microsoft Excel.

    Once you complete both exams, a popular Microsoft credential is waiting for you. And that is MCSA: BI Reporting certification. Not only that, upon successful accomplishment of your MCSA: BI Reporting, you can now pursue MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. So, if you want to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, take it step-by-step and you’ll soon reach your goals.


    Build your Power BI career with a successful stint in exam 70-778. This certification exam will definitely open up lots of career opportunities and further develop your professional skills to the fullest. Therefore, if you want to improve your IT profession, make your decision now before all MCSA certifications get replaced with the new technical credentials. And note that the successful passing of this Microsoft exam totally depends on your preparation. Check the resources mentioned above and revise the learned material by using exam dumps from Exam-Labs.

    Written by Albert Ferrari and Marco Russo


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