NUGL Magazine Partners with Social Club TV and Emerald Market to Launch The First-Ever “Buyer’s Guide” for 2021 Cannabis Industry


    Cannabis, Social Equity (SE), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will always be inexorably linked. For decades, the “War on Drugs” caused irrevocable harm to communities of color, resulting in the disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates of BIPOC individuals. Even with cannabis legalization in more states becoming a reality, more people are being arrested for cannabis-related charges today than when recreational cannabis was in a legal grey area country-wide.

    Following the volatile 2020 elections when five states legalized marijuana, either medically or recreationally, cannabis has risen to become a social justice movement and will continue to gain traction. Additionally, difficulties that Black, Latinx, and other minority business owners face when entering the cannabis space makes it apparent why these historically underrepresented entrepreneurs are deterred from entering this multi-billion dollar industry.

    These deep seated issues and growing consumer demand for brands that invest in CSR/SE served as a driving force in the media partnership and development of the SCTV & NUGL Magazine Buyer’s Guide. 

    The pivotal partnership developed between NUGL Magazine – NUGL Inc. ( an online search directory and leading multimedia platform in the cannabis industry, Social Club TV (, the largest cannabis & culture TV network on the planet, and the industry’s first creative advertising marketplace, Emerald Market (, was predicated on more than just a strategic alignment. Their shared passion for how CSR can help drive social justice and equity conversations in the cannabis industry, and desire to use the incredible power of content marketing to amplify messages of social inequities head-on made the partners want to use their extensive network to launch this effort to directly impact needed change in the industry. Joining forces to launch the first “Annual SCTV & NUGL Magazine Buyer’s Guide”, the guide will be in print, digital and video form, creating a wide range of content and marketing opportunities for cannabis companies looking to reach consumers in the competitive marketplace. 

    “This is our most impactful project since the founding of NUGL,” says NUGL CEO CJ Melone. “We have always envisioned NUGL as a global platform for cannabis companies to stand out in the limelight and we look forward to becoming the resource for the “best of” in our industry. The official buyers guide will highlight the top brands and dispensaries of 2021 and the partnership with Social Club TV and Emerald Market will catapult NUGL into the biggest media outlet in the industry.”

    The 2021 guide will become an annual staple in the industry and expand into additional partnerships between the broad range of companies involved. The goal is to create marketing opportunities and great content for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses across the country. 

    “Every year we provide pro-bono content, marketing and advertising services to nonprofits and for-profit cannabis businesses that have CSR programs”, stated RONIN and Social Club TV CEO, Joshua Otten. “We know that consumers are demanding that the brands they support are focused on social equity and corporate social responsibility so creating a buyers guide that showcases brands who have those programs as part of their DNA is a great fit for our audience. This buyer’s guide will introduce millions of consumers in-dispensary and on TV to emerging and established brands that are dedicated to quality products and giving back to local communities.” 

    You can review all the latest features at and and download the new iOS and Android apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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