Meet Your Unseen Friends

    The past lockdown and restrictions that are still in place have created a sense of isolation. Even if you are living in a household with others, there is separation from family, friends, colleagues, even strangers. We are all discovering how much these connections sustain us! Introverts tend to handle this situation better yet isolation is different than the preferred solitude.

    This isolation creates the ideal opportunity to connect with your own personal guides and angels. These are higher dimensional, otherworldly beings who are here to love and support us, without judgement or reproach. You may have your own name for these friends.  Whatever you call them, get to know them. 

    Your guides and angels are around you all of the time. We are never alone. I know this is abstract and esoteric but it is truth. They are here to love, comfort and assist when asked. They have a certain resonance, they feel a certain way. You can literally feel their presence if you allow it. 

    You or someone you know probably have had an experience when there was some intervention that was helpful or even life-saving. Or you received exactly what you needed at exactly the right time.  This is your unseen friends at work.

    Try this:  sit quietly and breathe.  Then call in your guides and angels.  Sense them around you. You may feel a sense of comfort, love or peace around you, or simply a presence.  If you can’t feel anything, it likely means that you are in your head. So try this: Call in the Light to fill you and surround you. Light is the highest vibration, the highest frequency that exists and as you call it into you, it lifts your own vibration. So do that. Call in the light and say “I call in the light to fill me and surround me”. Repeat this and you will start to feel different, lighter, calmer… or just different. Then call in your guides again.  Don’t over think it, feel it. On a side note, calling in the Light is a good thing to do anytime you feel down or off as it lifts you out of that lower vibration into a better feeling place. 

    Once you identify that feeling, you will recognize it more easily. You will understand that they do exist and then you can start to connect with them on a regular basis.  If you feel lonely or isolated, simply ask them to surround you and comfort you.  If you need help with “X”, ask them to help. They can lift your fear, anxiety, worry and pain if you give it to them.  When you ask them, they are taking it from you and giving it to a higher power… God, Goddess, Source, Universe… giving it to the Light to be transmuted.

    Human contact is critical for our well-being.  People come and go.  When human contact is in short supply, remember that you are not alone. Each one of us has our own unseen friends on stand-by at all times. Do yourself a favor and connect with them. Get to know these benevolent beings.  If you need help getting in touch with yours, contact me and I can help. 

    Life becomes much more manageable when you realize that you have a team by your side. Open yourself to this possibility and bring a little more ease and peace into your life.  Doesn’t that sound divine? 


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