Med 7 – Increasing CBD Absorption Rates with Purzorb

    Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants (both marijuana and industrial hemp). Aside from tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, CBD is the most studied and sought after cannabinoid. The vast majority of CBD oils and products are derived from industrial hemp, a subcategory of the cannabis plant, closely related to marijuana. Industrial hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains no more than .3% THC. Industrial hemp is grown and processed to create many products, including textiles, biofuels, fiber, nutritious foods, cosmetics, animal feed, building products, biodegradable plastics, paints, and nutritional supplements. CBD oil manufacturers value industrial hemp for its high content of CBD and being nearly devoid of the psychoactive THC. In fact, CBD oils have quickly become the most popular nutritional supplement derived from the hemp plant. CBD oils made from Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp are now available in all 50 states. People using CBD oil have found relief from a wide variety of ailments, including chronic pain and seizures. 

    CBD oils offer a safe and effective alternative to many drugs so it is no wonder that so many people are turning to it for relief. The only hiccup in the effectiveness of CBD oil products is the way the body processes them. CBD is not water soluble. There is a layer of water in our digestive tracts that allows us to absorb water soluble nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin B. CBD oil and other vitamins and nutrients that are not water soluble do not pass through this water layer. This means, although a small percentage is absorbed, the vast majority is discharged from the body and not used. In fact, even some of the best CBD oils on the market are only 6% absorbable. In other words, the majority of the CBD is eliminated from the body and ends up being wasted. The inability to pass the layer of water in the digestive tract is also why it typically takes 60-90 minutes before any noticeable effects of a CBD oil take place. 

    Med 7 and PurzorbTM — Maximizing CBD Absorption

    In order to increase the amount of CBD being absorbed by the body and to reduce the time it takes for the CBD to take effect, the PurhealthRX Technology team developed PurzorbTM. PurzorbTM is the technology that makes oil-based ingredients bio-absorbable or “bioavailable” to the body without changing the ingredient’s form or structure. Med 7 CBD oil is the only CBD oil on the market with the PurzorbTM technology. Essentially, the PurzorbTM contained in Med 7 CBD oil enables the CBD to be water soluble and, therefore, absorbed by the layer of water in our digestive tracts upon consumption. Laboratory studies show that PurzorbTM formulated hemp CBD oil demonstrates a much higher bioavailability than unformulated hemp CBD oil. As previously stated, other CBD oils have absorbability rates of around 6%. Med 7 with PurzorbTM technology, on the other hand, has absorbable rates of up to 85%. This means that people who use Med 7 CBD oil can get the same effect as with other CBD oils, but at a much lower dose and at a much quicker rate. 

    Derived from organically grown Kentucky hemp, Med 7 contains less than .3% THC and has no psychoactive properties. Med 7 is derived from whole hemp plants and is considered a full spectrum CBD product because it contains more than just CBD. Med 7 contains a variety of nutrients, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBDa, CBG, and CBN. This higher concentration of other cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes can be attributed to the extraction method used. In the case of Med 7, supercritical (or subcritical ) CO2 extraction from the hemp plant is employed. This method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and at an extremely low temperature, which both isolates and preserves the quality of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These additional components are often destroyed or diminished when using other extraction methods, such as butane or alcohol extractions. Unlike many other CBD oil products, MED 7 tastes great and is available in wild berry or cinnamon flavors. Put another way, it will not leave behind the nasty, oily aftertaste that is experienced with other CBD oil products. Med 7 can be quickly administered under the tongue or mixed with a beverage. A little goes a long way. The higher absorption percentage combined with the fact that Med 7 is a full spectrum CBD product means the consumer will need a smaller dose when compared with other CBD oils. It is not uncommon for one bottle of Med 7 to equal 14-20 bottles of other CBD oils on the market. As mentioned earlier, it typically takes 60-90 minutes for most CBD oils to take effect. The proprietary PurzorbTM in Med 7 not only increases absorption percentages up to 85%, but it also ensures the fastest delivery of CBD, where effects can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. 

    Cannabis has been used as a medicine for millennia. If the laws in the United States continue to favor legalization, and if the rumors of national recognition of medical marijuana are true, we can assume the popularity of cannabis medications will continue to grow even more in the near future. The cannabis products that maximize efficiency and effectiveness by combining technological breakthroughs with Mother Nature will reshape the way we view medicine. Med 7 clinical strength CBD oil with PurzorbTM is a wonderful example of how technology and nature can be combined to create a more efficient, more effective, natural-based medicine. 

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