Man on a Mission

    When Michael Backes first began researching cannabis in the 1970s, he was most interested in improving the flavors and increasing the quality of effects he was getting from single strains. As a result of fifteen years of research, a best-selling book, and one medical dispensary, he invented a process that effectively produced the effects and qualities that cannabis breeders spend years cultivating in hybrids, while also protecting the plant’s shelf life.

    Backes is a world-renowned cannabis expert and author of “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana”. He is the co-inventor of the first cannabis breeding utility patent awarded in the U.S. He has also served on behalf of numerous cannabis research and trade organizations, including the Science & Medical Advisory Board of Maui Grown Therapies and the National Cannabis Industry Association. Backes discovered a new way to infuse cannabis flower blends with the plant’s natural oils and delicate terpenes, to achieve the consistent effect he has been seeking for decades. This patent-pending process avoids several traditional preparation techniques that destroy the most fragile terpenes before they ever reach consumers.

    Backes, alongside business partner and co-founder Dean Hollander, launched Perfect to provide blended cannabis products that deliver distinct effects. Perfect is becoming available through a handful of California dispensaries and now, a direct-to-consumer delivery service starting in the Bay Area and Southern California.

    “I’m proud to say that after a decade of research, we’ve reached our goal of providing a consistent cannabis experience every time,” said Michael Backes.

    Terpenes, essential oils produced by cannabis compounds found in the cannabis plant, influence the plant’s effects, flavors, and aroma. However unless great care is taken, many of these unique terpenes are lost after harvest. Perfect’s proprietary infusion process preserves these terpenes. Each of these blends is designed to deliver a unique series of defined and tested effects. The initial lineup includes “Happy Camper,” “Pick Me Up,” and “NightCap.”

    Perfect’s products contained as much as sixty times the level of monoterpenes as leading prerolls, resulting in a more potent effect and a broader “entourage effect” from the plant, allowing customers to use less product at a time.

    “We’re now as close as we can get to the freshly harvested plant,” said Michael Backes. “And it’s great,” he added.

    Perfect’s products will appear in dispensaries throughout Southern California and through a home delivery service that will serve Bay Area and Southern California residents. To learn more about the company, visit, or on Instagram @blendsbyperfect.


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