Making Sure Your Cannabis Business Is Secure

    When setting up your Cannabis business, whether you are setting up a grow, production facility, or a retail store, it is essential that your network infrastructure is set up securely and can meet the needs of your business. Your data storage will need to be up to scratch and have the right safety procedures in place. If you want to monitor what is happening with your data, you can learn more about this over at and see the best solution that they have.

    Few industries face as many regulatory, financial, and logistical challenges as the cannabis industry. These regulations can be overwhelming for someone that is starting a new business or for a business owner who wants to ensure that their business is maintaining regulatory compliance. From getting insurance sorted from a firm like The Feingold Companies, to making sure your systems are fully compliant, it can be a lot to take in. It is vital to have a long-term technology partner who can assist you in architecting a network that supports your business and can help you with ensuring your system stays secure as your business grows and your needs change.

    Josh Weiss from LA Creative Technologies suggested that you start with some basic questions:

    • Where is your company located – warehouse, retail store, field, urban, rural
    • How big is the location – square footage, one room, multiple rooms, multiple stories
    • What are your needs – internet, CMR, accounting software, data storage, video surveillance, pos system

    Next, Josh suggested that you work with an IT Consultant to help you with creating a stable network, ensure security, create a streamlined IT process, and help you to manage your business strategically.

    • Setting up a network with the best equipment, service providers, and maintenance plan for your business needs.
    • Ensuring a security solution with tools that can identify threats inside and outside of your network.
    • Managing IT tasks so that your business can operate effectively and efficiently.
    • Creating a strategic plan that allows your business to scale, reducing costly issues, minimizing network downtime, and allowing for new implementations and upgrades.

    Finally, Josh told us that one of the most important areas he discusses with his clients is security. Whether you’re talking about file storage for patient information or emails, security is essential. Cybercriminals are searching for entry points in a business’s infrastructure so they can attack your sensitive data and hold it for ransom or sell it. Regularly monitoring for issues with spyware and malware software is an investment worth making. Josh also said it is essential to look at how your data is stored. Data breaches can end up causing reputation and financial damage to your business. Josh’s company LA Creative Technologies provides its customers with Cyber-insurance to protect their clients from risks related to a cyberattack, a data breach and ensures that your business is adhering to your company’s IT Policies.

    For more information about Josh Weiss and LA Creative Technologies, visit their website at


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