Listen to Your Gut Feeling and Find Peace in the Chaos

    I have talked about the value of your intuition, aka gut feeling, in the context of making decisions. Now I’m going to discuss the importance of using your intuition as you navigate the information age.

    We are inundated with information: the internet, 24-hour news, social media. Add to that this 2020 year of pandemic, politics, protests, and pandemonium.  We seek information to guide, inform, and educate us as we make decisions that are right for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, and our country.  And yet, the information we receive is more subjective than objective, motivated by fear, drama, and personal agendas and the sources are often questionable and unreliable.  It is an extremely stressful time in this regard. At a time when we need to know, how do you determine what is truth and what is falsehood?  You listen to your gut.

    Use your intuition to guide you to what is truth for YOU. Your intuition knows and it will let you know, too. If you read something, pause and ask yourself, “does this feel like truth?” If it does, you will feel a calm sensation in your chest or stomach for example. If it feels false, you will feel a tension, constriction or pressure in these areas.  It is important to note that the sensation will be FLEETING. If it lingers, it is your emotional attachment to the information. If that happens, take a few deep breaths and ask to “know the truth”. Then ask yourself again “is this truth?” 

    You may have noticed this happening already….  Seeing something on the news and realizing something about what is being said just doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to know why, just recognize that awareness.

    We have our opinions, our beliefs and our preferences.  Right now emotions are at an all-time high so it can be difficult for your gut feeling to come through. But it is there, you simply have to put your emotion aside for a brief moment so you can get the information from your intuition. Practice this with information that is not so emotionally charged if you don’t notice it happening automatically. In time it will.

    It is important now that we sift through all the information chaos and find the truth.  There is a lot of drama, fear, confusion, and agendas out there. Even if what you hear may support or go against your own personal agenda, take a moment and check in to find out if it is truth.  With truth comes peace as it ends the confusion and chaos. It gives you the power to act in a reasonable, effective way that is best for you and ultimately best for all. With truth comes understanding and compassion.

    Your intuition will never fail you. You just have to recognize it, set your attachment aside, and let it speak to you. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. We can no longer rely on “them” to tell us the truth. We have to seek it for ourselves and trust our gut to know what is right.  The more we do this, the sooner we will turn this chaos to calm.


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