Kushstock Festival 2021, Review – Attendee POV

    What’s up everybody, it’s your girl Jess, and this is Kushstock Festival 2021, in review.

    It’s time for Kushstock Festival 2021, and as I weave through traffic, emerging from the aftermath of a pandemic, I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I’m eager to arrive.

    I pull up to the gate of the Adelanto Stadium & Events Center, and I can hear the roar of souped up engines tearing down the race track. I step out of my car and am greeted by the sweet smell of burning fuel and gassy green weed wafting in the distance. It’s going to be a good day. I can feel it.

    Walking down through the stadium seats, I look up ahead and see music stages, vendors, food, clouds of green, and smiling faces. I haven’t even reached the field yet, and music is everywhere. I think to myself, “How is this a free event?”

    Some of the hottest names in cannabis are here, including Tommy Chong, Medicated Barbies, Stiiizy, Rove, XVAPE, High Season, and Lavender Boys, just to name a few; the competition is hot. With VIP access, you have the opportunity to judge some of the best products on the market and award lucky winner titles like “Best Edible”, “Best Hybrid Flower”, and my personal favorite, “Best Preroll”. Not to mention, VIP attendees receive goody bags which, let’s just say, do not disappoint. Note to self: “Always go VIP at Kushstock”.

    ………..Did I just see Lucha Libre? For those of you who are unaware, that’s freestyle Mexican wrestling, and there is a four corner ring where The Canna Pro Wrestling Show is having matches every 30 minutes, including Championship Match between the Champion, Eli Everfly and the challenger, The Definition of Pain, Terex, and an Open Challenge. This day is getting better by the minute.

    On to the Main Stage, and the crowd is jumping. This lineup is insane, and the sound quality is actually quite impressive. Hands are up, and spirits are high. The Luniz are front and center, and they are crushing it. Xzibit is on at 6 pm, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Right about now, one might think it would be a good time for a little smoke sesh (it is an open consumption event after all) but one shuffle through the crowd and you’ve got yourself a quality second-hand experience. 

    Let’s talk about the lineup y’all: Xzibit, Luniz, Compton Menace, Chucky Chuck, Patient Picasso, and Irie Nationz. DJ Sets By: Lil Cheat Code and Trapzilla

    Dr. K definitely knew what he was doing when he put Kushstock together.

    I’m feeling a little hungry and I’m thinking I’ve got time for tacos (there’s always time for tacos). I’m walking down the row of food vendors and it’s hard to choose, but tacos it is. They come piping hot and covered in salsa. I’m a happy girl. Headed back towards the stage, but wait… parmesan cheese & garlic chicken fries? Why not. I’ve gotten consumed in my munchies. Suddenly I hear the crowd roar and Xzibit’s unmistakable voice hits the speakers. I drop my fork and run to the stage. The crowd is going nuts, and I see the legend himself cool as a cucumber. 

    The sun is going down behind the stage, and I note that this is exactly the image that will burn into my memory. This is Kushstock; the aroma in the air, great music, amazing vendors, killer food, local artists, and a community of like-minded people with smiling faces all around you. 

    This was my first Kushstock, but it won’t be my last. April 9, 2022, I’ll see you there.


    The Results Are In! Thank You to Everyone That Competed!

    Special thanks to Medicated Barbies! @medicatedbarbies 


    1. BANANA MILK – @stiiizydtla

    2. SLURRICANE – @bearlabs_ca 

    3. MANGO GELATO – @rovebrand 


    1. GMO – @bearlabs_ca 

    2. SUNSET PUNCH LIVE ROSIN – @1111cannabiscompany 

    3. STRAWBERRIES & CREAM LIVE ROSIN – @1111cannabiscompany 


    1. HASHWRAP – AXIOM HASH @axiom.hash

    2. BIG GELATO – LAVENDER BOYZ @lavendarboysla & Propen @propenvape_

    3. HASHGAR – 11:11 CANNABIS CO- @1111cannabiscompany


    1. RESERVOIR PATCH – @thclivingcompany 


    1. SOUR STRAWBERRY GUMMIES – @stiiizydtla 

    2. SOLVENTLESS INFUSED GUMMIES – @1111cannabiscompany 

    3. FRUITY PEBBLES CHOCLATE BAR – @lyftedfarmsco & @propenvape_ 


    1. @thehunibadger 

    2. @xvape_vaporizer / @heytommychong 

    3. @napalmbrands GRENADE


    1. MAGNUM – @napalmbrands 

    2. PAPAYA – @stiiizydtla 

    3. UPTOWN FUNK – @lyftedfarmsco & @propenvape_ 


    TABS – @3c.thesecret 


    1. SYNDICATE OG – @thesyndicate.official 

    2. HIGH OCTANE – @cliquecannabis 

    3. KEROSENE – @shophighseason 


    1. HEATWAVE – @mohavecannabisco 

    2. LOLLIPOPS – @losangelestraditional 


    1. GELATO – @losangelestraditional 

    2. BCC x JEALOUSY – @mohavecannabisco 

    3. BLITZ – @juicedbrandco


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