Keef Cola Makes Cannabis Consumption Social

    The original THC infused soda pop company, Keef Cola was founded in Boulder Colorado by Erik Knutson. His award-winning traditional sodas allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis in the beverage form. Keef Cola is revolutionizing the beverage and cannabis industries, allowing it to be consumed socially. Consumers love the superb quality while enjoying the nostalgic feel of the staple fountain drink. It was the first company to allow both canna-curious and experienced consumers can enjoy a high-grade beverage and have a positive experience in the cannabis culture and community.

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    Since 2010, the company has expanded from Colorado to California, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Washington, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Keef Cola ’s footprint in the market is strong; products are carried in over 400 dispensaries in Colorado, over 150 dispensaries in California, over 95 dispensaries in Arizona, with distribution continuing to explode.

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    In addition to the soda line, Keef Cola has also launched cannabis-infused energy drinks, cannabis-infused sparkling water, and developed Keef Carts oil cartridges and Keef Stix oil pens. Keef’s cartridge and pen lines only use natural oils, ceramic cartridges, the C-Cell technology, and leak-proof design to provide an extremely user-friendly design.

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    Knutson works with The Cannabis Trade Federation to help lobby on CBD and THC to ensure that safe help products can be distributed for the mainstream consumer. Once the FDA pushes out new regulations, there will be a big push from distributors to get even more hemp products to market. Knutson said that his goal is to bring a social climate to cannabis. Unlike traditional cannabis products, Keef Cola’s products create a social experience to enjoy cannabis.

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    In Keef Cola’s future, there is a CBD Mocktail line to look forward to, founder Knutson is planning that for later this year. There are so many studies out now that highlight the benefits of CBD and prove it is a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical remedies. He also shared that they are exploring additional market penetration in traditional retail and grocery outlets. With Keef, everyone is welcome to the party… life is a party! 

    Learn more about Keef Cola at and connect on with them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

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