Jamaica Blue Mountain Landmark, The Gap Café, to be the 1st Wellness Location for Kaya Group

    The Gap Café has been a Jamaican treasure for close to a century; Now to become a wellness center operated by Kaya Group

    KINGSTON, Jamaica and LOS ANGELES, December 22, 2022 – Kaya Group (“Kaya” or “the Company”) (OTC: NUGL), the first medicinal Ganja herb house in the Caribbean and holistic, wellness-focused ecosystem, announced today it has successfully completed the first phase of the buildout to restore world-famous Gap Café in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. The Gap Café is located outside the entrance to Holywell Recreation Park, approximately 21 miles from Kingston. Our soft opening included a private catering for 45 people. Guests had the ambiance of a pop-up wine bar , live music on the terrace and oysters brought in from Port Royal while watching the World Cup with streaming internet of over 200 mbs provided by Starlink. The streaming internet service is a significant upgrade since internet access in the area has always been difficult for guests and security. 

    The Gap Café was built in the 1930s as a way station for buggy traffic bound for the east coast. It is equidistant from the city and Buff Bay and holds the distinction of being where Fleming wrote Dr. No and came up with his inspiration for the special agent 007 from a book on the shelf called Birds of the West Indies, written by James Bond. The rustic boutique charm of the café is 4,200 feet above sea level and will serve some of its traditional Jamaican fares such as curried goat, escovitch fish, crab backs and pumpkin soup. The café will also serve homemade pastries and freshly brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with fresh beans taken from the surrounding plantations and brewed to order. Coffee at The Gap is considered to be among the best in the world. It can be enjoyed by siphon or French press, which are generally regarded as sophisticated brewing techniques that bring out the true flavors of the coffee. It is also famous for its stunning views and wildlife, which include panoramic views of the misty Blue Mountains. Set in a small garden, The Cafe is across from the start of the Fairy Glade hiking trail to St. Catherine’s peak and the JDF camp at Newcastle.

    Kaya management has preserved the rich heritage of The Gap. Along with its rich heritage, the company will offer its guests the authentic thin crust pizza, which Kaya has become famous for. The 2nd Phase will include the further buildout of the retail space and restoration of the three rooms and cottages so we can offer Bed & Breakfast for all the bird watchers, tourists and locals who want to take a break from the heat of the city. Currently, reservations are by booking only but we will move towards opening on weekends from Friday to Sunday and will continue to open on weekdays once we have completed the 2nd phase of buildout.

    Bali Vaswani, Chief Executive Officer of NUGL and Founder of Kaya, commented, ” The Gap Café is a Jamaican tradition I am proud to be part of carrying on. Not only will The Gap Café be a profitable part of our operations, but it fits within the core principles Kaya was founded on. The Gap Café and the Jamaican Blue Mountains are sources of tremendous respect for the Jamaican people. Respect is what drives every decision we make here at Kaya, as well as the way we treat our communities and employees.” Mr. Vaswani continued, “We respect the herb, our brand, our products, and nature. The Gap Café will be a great addition to our portfolio for our stakeholders.”

    About Kaya Group and NUGL Inc.

    NUGL and Kaya merged in April 2022 to form a multifaceted cannabis lifestyle company deriving globally diverse revenue streams from a portfolio of powerful brands and operations delivering quality at scale. Kaya operates one store in Kingston, another in the historic town of Falmouth, and its flagship retail store and farm operations are located in the tourism Mecca Ocho Rios. Kaya recently opened its first Wellness Center at The Gap, located in the Blue Mountains’ pristine hills, in the Winter of 2022. 

    Kaya Herb House Drax Hall is Jamaica’s first legal Medical Marijuana dispensary. It offers tours of Kaya Farm, which has a variety of over 75 different genetics being cultivated and processed. Our retail complex includes Kaya Herb House with Dab Bar & Consumption Lounge on-premise. Our famous Square Grouper Bar hosts the world’s most impressive lineup of reggae acts regularly. 

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