Interview w/ Laycie Zepeda, Brand Consultant for Smokin’ Aces Cannabis

    The day is December 11, and it’s almost time for my Friday at 4:20 IGTV Live, and a new episode of ‘Backdoor Marketing with Jessica’ on

    I’m gearing up for an interview with Laycie Zepeda, Canna-Business Brand Consultant for Smokin’ Aces. This girl has is a mixture of all the right ingredients for what I know is about to be a fun live.

    Laycie is not only a cannabis connoisseur, but she’s beautiful and funny; a winning package. 

    We live in a time where social media influencers can make or break your business, and Remedy Room has seemed to have caught the drift. Remedy Room, a prestigious cannabis dispensary located in Riverside Ca., has been in business 10+ years and has been quite successful. Still, they’ve changed with the times. Branching off from Remedy Room is Smokin’ Aces Cannabis; a distribution and supply company with proprietary strains such as Wedding Cake, Q-Lato #41, Motor Breath and Bruce Banner. Enter Laycie Zepeda aka: Laycie (Lit) Jayde.

    Laycie is what I think of as a double agent of dabs. A hybrid herself, she crosses between Remedy Room and Smokin Aces wearing, let’s just say, a multitude of hats. 

    Cut to: Laycie has now requested to join my IGTV Live, and I’m particularly excited because Laycie, ladies and gentlemen, has agreed to taste test all 4 Smokin’ Aces Cannabis strains. 

    I’ll be honest, when we spoke about this earlier in the week, I was picturing her smoking a little snapper or pre-roll. But to my great delight, Laycie pulls out a fully packed bong. 

    We go from mild to wild in potency, and one after the other, she clears every single chamber. I’m beyond impressed. The only thing that’s changed in her demeanor is the smile on her face and the gleam in her eye. Her enthusiasm for her personal favorite, “Wedding Cake,” is beyond genuine; it’s absolutely charming. I’m in. Gimme some Wedding Cake, give it to me now. Her knowledge about the grow process, the company, and canna-business in general is smooth and undeniable. And I think to myself: “Smokin’ Aces…. You guys are gooooood.”  

    The demand for social media influencers is on the rise, but what companies often fail to take into consideration is finding the right influencer for their brand, and not just anyone with huge numbers. Quality over quantity is imperative, knowing your market is a must, and laser focus on your demographic is key.

    Smokin’ Aces hit the nail on the head with Laycie, part social media influencer, part canna-business boss. Way to go guys. Way to go.


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