How to Grow Purple or Pink Cannabis Buds

    There is a lot of interest for purple or pink cannabis buds – they have a certain appeal to buyers and can be sold for a higher price. Although the color usually doesn’t affect the taste, it makes them look tastier and fruitier nevertheless, surely captivating many people. So let’s see how to grow these babies.

    Genetic Foundation

    If you want buds that are purple or pink, you must start with the foundation – genetics. Cannabis plants can’t be forced to produce colorful buds since the tendency to turn colors is almost 100 percent determined by strain and its genetics. The science behind color shows us that that the most important factor is a higher content of anthocyanin. This is a water-soluble pigment in plants which can appear in different colors depending on its PH level. So you need to start with choosing the strains which naturally turn vibrant colors.


    After you’ve chosen the right strain, it’s important to get the right temperature that will allow it to grow properly. Temperature plays an important role in turning the buds from green to pink or purple since it affects the anthocyanin which is typically hiding in the seeds to break down, and this causes the pigments to come out. For maximizing colorful buds, you should maintain a temperature between 18 and 21 degree Celsius during cool nights, while for warm days it should be between 24 and 87 degrees Celsius. Heating control is especially important during the flowering stage when the ideal temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. To avoid the damage of your cannabis plant, it’s mandatory that you constantly monitor and control the temperature. After that, it all comes down to patience since you have to wait for all the buds to be in pink or purple color before harvesting.

    Know The Parts of Your Buds

    Different parts of the buds have the ability to display non-green colors. Since each part is a bit different from the other, they also have a different effect on the look of your final buds – ones can make a big difference while others don’t matter that much. This is why knowing the parts will enable you to read the signs if you’re moving in the right direction.

    Calyxes are the most important part since they’re made by the bud itself. This is why their effect on the final color is the strongest. Bud is made from hundreds of calyxes so if they turn purple, the entire bud will certainly quire the same color.

    Pistils – also known as hairs – can also change color. Actually, they work best for purple or pink buds since other colors usually vanish after the process of drying and curring. However, these two colors will usually stay the same.

    And there are trichomes which are clear in the beginning and later turn to white or yellow, depending on the level of THC. However, they can sometimes turn to pink or purple, but that has a small effect on the final color. Additionally, color changes to white and yellow are indicators for the best time to harvest, so if the turn to other colors you’ll have to rely on pistils instead.

    As you can see, the right genetics is the main condition for purple or pink cannabis buds. After that, maintaining the right temperature plays a crucial role. And without the knowledge about color-changing characteristics of each part of the buds, you may end up disappointed in the end.


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