How Technology is Changing the Cannabis Industry

    In the recent past, the strict laws on cannabis use and distribution crippled technology breakthroughs in the cannabis industry. Things are changing now with the less strict policies which allow enthusiasts to try new things that will impressively shape the future.

    The advancement of technology in the cannabis industry is changing how farmers and cannabis dealers go about their businesses. As countries and several states continue to embrace cannabis, there are several promising innovations out to make operations more straightforward.

    Several benefits come with improvement in technology. The innovations will help in sales, deliveries, customization, manufacturing, purchasing, and the consumption of cannabis products.

    Here is how high-tech is shaping the industry.

    E-Commerce Technology
    The invention of the internet creates a platform for a cannabis business to prosper online through e-commerce sites. Besides, apps are making it simpler to buy weed online Canada and get them delivered at your doorstep. Just like cannabis and cannabis-related websites, the apps also provide you with valuable information about cannabis products.

    Online stores are no longer keeping manual records due to the use of point-of-sale software. Some obtain free versions from sites similar to Fileproto, whilst others pay for bespoke editions. The applications simplify tracking of stock. Vendors now have an easy time monitoring their products, like checking the available strains at the press of a button. It’s amazing how far technology has come in such a short space of time, isn’t it? To make sure that you can give your customers the best possible experience, you’ll need to make sure that you conduct regular load testing, and with the help of places like Apica Systems, (, you can test the scalability of your applications and fix any mishaps before it even gets to your customer. In turn, this could help to improve your efficiency and business success going forward, which is important for all companies in the cannabis industry.

    Introduction of Various Mode of Ingestion
    Technology is changing the way you consume marijuana. Initially, smoking was the only reliable mode of consuming weed. Today you can choose to consume cannabis in a variety of styles such as using a vaping pen, tinctures, oils, gummies, and sweets. All of these ways to consume cannabis are readily accessible online too, with websites similar to making it easier for smokers to make the transition into vaping, and to try other products. The shift in modes of consumption opens new avenues for the development of tools and equipment that enable the production and use of cannabis products.

    The vaporizers work with different strains of cannabis, such as the isolates, concentrates, shatters, and herbs. Some CBD Products are available in the form of topical balms, creams, capsules, and some beauty and wellness products. Besides, the vaping devices use advanced technology, allowing you to vape discreetly and with no unpleasant scent sticking on your clothes afterward.

    Businesses Can Comply with Laws Better
    Cannabis is legal. However, the strict regulation that governs the cultivation and availability depends on technology. The government wants you to document by tracking every element from choosing the right seeds, growth, extraction, processing, and shipping.

    Automation helps farmers get good seeds that grow into healthy leaves that contain buds and trichomes. Your business will now meet the compliance tests the government uses to regulate the industry. Sealing and packaging cannabis can now be inside vacuum-sealed and childproof containers to keep the product safe. The potential threats that may lead to degradation are water, sunlight, and air.

    Improved Cultivation Practices
    The demand for cannabis, farmers, desire to match customer needs. They do so using technologies such as the greenhouse, which, on the other hand, requires persistent maintenance for the plants to get optimal nutrients.

    The advancement of technology leads to the development of smart applications enabling cultivators to maintain different conditions by pressing a button. The app retains the standard requirements for temperature and light that support a healthy mature weed. They will set off an alarm if anything the conditions drop.

    With such an app, growing weed and monitoring the plants is now easy, which improves the chances of getting quality yields. As a farmer, you get more time to relax and watch your plants grow. The application allows for quick customization. Installing innovations like the automation system mean that every step is automatic, and you won’t miss crucial steps.

    The industry is also taking advantage of sequence cannabis DNA responsible for the creation of distinct flavors that resist pests. In essence, the mapping of cannabis genes enables the development of new applications that gives you the power to control the products that appear in the market. Also, Nowadays cannabis owners opt for SEO and Link building services to get quality cannabis backlinks and rank high on Google.

    Extraction and Processing
    The technologies behind the hemp extraction process as the BHO ( Butane Hash Oil) and Co2 Extraction give the various CBD products. The acceptance of these technologies in the industry enables the separation of medicinal compounds from other marijuana elements.

    Cannabis passes through safety tests on the final product to guarantee product safety. Studies indicate the tests are responsible for the removal of impurities, microbes, solvents, and other harmful compounds.

    Customer Care
    Managing customer expectations can be challenging, especially with the rapidly growing cannabis industry. But the good news is that businesses can now engage their customers more than ever. There are various ways that they can use to communicate with their customers and get their feedback on various issues. Businesses can talk with their clients through their websites, emails, social media handles, and more.

    Besides, the invention of Customer Relation Management (CRM) software allows businesses to store the client’s details and their preferences for easy management every time they visit the cannabis store. Communication to specific customers becomes easy, and you can arrange particular discounts for the clients you want. Taking a better look at various CRM packages can help you understand how else businesses can improve their customer care. You may also wish to search something such as “what is crm” should you be wanting to understand the basics of such software packages.

    The entire process gives customers the best experience as it uplifts your business reputation. CRM’s analytic provides relevant data on customer behavior and preferences. The information helps you in re-organizing your business by determining the best approach to improve customer relations and scale your business.

    The Use of LED Lights
    Cannabis growers know that sunlight should be available in plenty. Once the plant sprouts, you should give them at least 18 hours of light for the development of healthy leaves. Businesses are now using technologies such as LED bulbs, which provide enough light for better cannabis production and accurate THC delivery. Light technologies are still improving, intending to help you get durable lights during the vegetative stage.

    The advent of the medical benefits of marijuana is fueling the race for better innovations in technology. But before adopting a specific technology to your farm, analyze it, and look at how it blends with your venture. Making use of innovations can help you manage your cannabis business better. Be on the lookout for emerging technologies for enhanced efficiency in growing and managing cannabis products.

    About the author: Rebecca is a cannabis and health industry consultant who frequently writes about the latest trends in the industry with only one motive that is to create awareness about healthy living. She has been writing for a long time now and is becoming a recognized name in the cannabis industry.


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