How Fast Could A Certain Salt-Based Kingston E Liquid Change In Flavour

    Nicotine based salt e-juice has gotten a lot of popularity lately. They go by different names like nic salt, salt nic, and salt nicotine. They taste more delicious than regular vape juice and let you vape at higher concentrations. The salt in this nicotine e-liquid is neither the one you add to your foods, nor does it make your e-liquid salty. So, what is salt-based nicotine e-liquid?

    Nicotine exists in tobacco in two kinds deprotonated and monoprotonated. This nicotine extracted from tobacco binds with plant acids to produce a solid molecule—this bonding causes nicotine salt formation. The main variation between nicotine salt e-liquid and standard e-liquid is the use of benzoic acid. The benzoic acid reacts with the nicotine base to form nicotine salt.

    People who vape salt-based vape juice might, at times, notice a change in its flavor. For instance, a vinegary flavored salt-based vape juice might suddenly start tasting sweet. The sudden shift of flavors can happen even in the middle of vaping and may trigger due to many reasons. Let’s look at the various reasons for the flavor change. 

    1. Flavors separate

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    E-juice flavors have many extracts in them. The essence infusions constitute tiny particles that have different densities. Due to varying densities, some flavors tend to settle while others rest in the middle and the remaining float on the top. Therefore, the sweet flavor might settle at the cartridge’s bottom, whereas the sour flavor might float at the top. The separation of the different flavors takes some time. If you leave the e-liquid for a long time in the cartridge, it can change the flavor. Therefore, when you start vaping, initially, you may get a sour experience, and as the liquid finishes, you start experiencing a sweeter change in flavor. 

    Luckily, there is an easy fix to it. All you have to do is shake the e-liquid bottle or cartridge before use, which gives a uniform flavor to the e-liquid. Thus, you can experience the same flavor throughout your vaping session. With the right products like the Golden Virginia e liquid, you are assured to have an enjoyable time doing it. 

    2. Vaper’s Tongue

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    As per studies, “vaper’s tongue” is when the vaper loses his/her capability to relish vape juice. Most vapers experience this phenomenon that lasts for a maximum of 3 days. It happens due to flavor fatigue due to the overexposure of a strong flavor repeatedly. Another cause for the vaper’s tongue is smoking. Smoking damages oral health, making it difficult to feel the taste and smell of e-liquids. However, this is just temporary fatigue, and the vaper’s sense of taste can recover within a month. 

    Follow simple steps like drinking lots of water, quitting caffeine and alcohol intake, and practicing regular oral hygiene. If you have recently quit smoking, you must wait for a month before starting with flavored vaping. Catching a break from vaping and trying unflavored e-liquid is also a smart way to recover from “vaper’s tongue” condition. The super ice menthol Kingston e-liquid is also a good option to recharge your tongue with a refreshing cool flavor.

    3. Coil burn-out

    The coil is an integral part of the vape pen. It heats up to produce vapor for vaping. You can enjoy diverse flavor notes of the e-liquid at different temperatures. Sometimes a variation in taste can be a warning that the coil is dying or dead. A defect in the coil can directly affect the taste of the vaporizing e-liquid. A burnt coil will lead to a drastically different taste of the vaporizing liquid. 

    Avoid this by installing a new coil when you notice that the flavors are fading, and the clouds do not please you.

    4. Cartridge contains existing flavor

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    Maintaining the cartridge of your vape pen is critical for a healthy, flavorful vape. Sometimes, we forget to maintain the cartridge’s hardware before using a new flavor of vape juice. It mixes the old flavor with the fresh taste. The existing flavoring of vape juice in the cartridge can negatively alter the overall flavor.  

    To avoid this taste change in vaporization liquid, carefully rinse the cartridge before pouring the next e-liquid. You must always empty and rinse the cartridge before refilling the cartridge with fresh flavor.

    5. Inappropriate e-liquid storage

    E-liquids are made using artificial colors, sugars, and sweeteners. Exposing them to high heat can caramelize the sugar, changing the color and texture of the e-liquid. This occurs due to the over-oxidation of the elements in the e-liquid when exhibited to heat. This caramelized gunk changes the flavor of the e-liquid, creates a buildup on the coil, and leaves a residue in the tank. 

    One way to avoid this is by storing the e-liquid properly, reducing the discoloration and gunk buildup. Ensure storing the unopened/opened vape juice containers and vape accessories in a cold, dark, and dry place.


    Vaping a salt-based e-liquid presents you with pleasant nicotine hits, a smooth drag, and a tasty zing. Unexpected changes in taste can occur due to various reasons, as mentioned above. However, this problem can be solved by following simple solutions like cleaning the cartridge, changing the coil, and proper storage of e-liquids. Follow these simple steps to enjoy a pleasant vaping session.


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