How Do You Make Your Vape Taste Better?

    When it comes to vape, there are three types of people – cloud chasers, flavor chasers, and those who prefer something in between. Cloud chasers care so much about the amount of vapor their e-juice produces, whereas flavor chasers are more into the individual flavors of their vape oil. 

    Now, it’s not unusual to have different flavor experiences from two identical e-liquid products. Once you administer the liquid into your vape tank and begin to vape, numerous flavor dynamics come into play. Without taking certain precautions, even your very own favorite flavors might leave you with a harsh aftertaste. Fortunately, numerous ways exist to make the most of the flavors in your e-juice. This article highlights the top tips on how to make your vape juice taste better. 

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    1. Choose Your Battery Carefully

    The quality of your vape battery affects flavor production and your overall vaping experience. A low-quality battery invariably translates to a poor flavor experience. So, it’s essential to proceed with diligence while looking for a vape battery. The conventional wisdom is to choose a battery that lets you vape for up to 75 watts. It’s also essential to understand the anatomy of your vaporizer while looking for the right vape battery. That’s especially if you’re shopping for a replacement battery. 

    Note that some e-cigs use single batteries, whereas others are dual battery vape mods. Experts generally recommend dual battery vape mods as they guarantee longer battery life and higher power output.

    1. Set Ideal Temperature

    Choosing a suitable vape battery isn’t enough if you don’t establish your ideal vaping temperature. As you shall find, different vape juice flavors come out at different temperatures. For starters, it’s important to invest in a vaporizer designed with variable voltage. After that, start with the lowest possible setting, then work your way up in small increments. 

    The goal is to achieve the temperature that guarantees the best flavor experience, also known as your sweet spot. Once you’ve established your ideal vaping temperature, maintain that temperature for as long as you’re vaping the same e-juice. All in all, avoid vaping at a very high temperature. Not only will that impact your flavors negatively, but it can also damage your vaporizer.

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    1. Choose Your Coil Carefully

    Most beginner-friendly e-cigs tend to be pod-style devices. Unfortunately, pod-style e-cigs don’t guarantee maximal flavor experience. But perhaps the most crucial consideration here would be the resistance of your coils. For a better flavor experience, choose sub-ohm tanks, which let you vape under one ohm in resistance. 

    Lower resistance coils generally boost vapor production. But they can also make the flavor taste great.

    1. Adjust the Airflow

    Cloud chasers typically prefer vaping at more significant airflow. But the contrary seems to be the case with flavor chasers. Too much air coming into the heating chamber reduces flavor intensity. Therefore, it’s important to restrict the airflow if you’re looking to savor the flavors in your e-juice. 

    In the same breath, don’t make the airflow too small. Doing so may make the vapor too hot, thereby preventing you from relishing the flavors in your vape oil. To make it easier to play around with airflow, invest in vaporizers that come with adjustable airflow systems. And just like with temperature settings, start low and adjust to more extensive airflow settings slowly until you achieve your sweet spot.

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    1. Consider the Wicking and Coil Material

    Many vapers already understand the role played by wicking material in vapor production. As it turns out, the material you use for your wick could also impact your flavor experience. Initially, silica was the go-to wicking material. But silica was also infamous for its ability to mute flavors. That explains why the material has been gradually replaced by cotton. 

    However, it’s also worth noting that all cotton materials are not made equal. Experts recommend Japanese cotton for its flavor-enhancing and overall wicking abilities. Besides Japanese cotton, other recommended wicking materials for flavor chasers include cellucotton and ceramic cotton. When it comes to the coil material, your best bet is to opt for metals of high reactivity series, such as nickel and Kanthal. Since these metals are highly resistant to heat, they won’t add a metallic taste to your e-juice.

    1. Consider Your VG: PG Ratio

    Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the main components of e-juice, others being nicotine and flavorings. Each of these liquids impacts your vaping experience. Vegetable glycerin is thicker and tends to boost vapor production. On the other hand, propylene glycol is thinner in consistency and is famous for its flavor-carrying abilities. So, e-juices that are slightly higher in PG than VG might help to improve your flavor experience. But as you shall find, the situation isn’t as cut and dried as it sounds. 

    While propylene glycol carries flavor more effectively than vegetable glycerin, VG has a mild, pleasant taste that can supplement the overall flavors of your e-juice. Also, the fact that VG enhances vapor production might impact your flavors positively. Generally, the more vapor inhaled, the more the flavor experience. If you’re a new user, you can start with e-liquids formulated with equal amounts of VG and PG. You can then adjust your VG: PG ratio gradually until such a time when the flavor gets better.

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    There are numerous methods to boost your e-juice flavor. As a bonus tip, remember to clean and maintain your vaporizer regularly. Also, change your flavors frequently to avoid suffering from flavor fatigue, also known as vaper’s tongue.


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