HIGHNMIGHTY: “Do What Works For You”

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    Dearest Cannabis Connoisseurs,

    Today I have the pleasure of writing about one of my favorite brands of Cannabis THC products, HIGHNMIGHTY; a strong, female owned company located in Long Beach CA and proud members of the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA).

    Founder and President of HIGHNMIGHTY, Lisa J Haddad has not just created a spectacular line of products, but is the poster child of health and wellness herself, breaking the stigma of what a cannabis user looks like. 

    Jessica: Where did it all begin?

    Lisa: It all started with a humble thought: “Do what works for you”

    HIGHNMIGHTY began with a passion for mental and physical balance. Our mission is to empower our customers’ sense of wellness by encouraging a lifestyle that promotes strength, health, courage and unity. Providing high quality, whole plant products, enables us to provide our clients with what they want to feel, and look their best through wellness products from whole plant extracts.

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    Jessica: What motivated you to start HIGHNMIGHTY?

    Lisa: Chronic pain, anxiety and education. HIGHNMIGHTY began with a desire for natural pain relief.  Through discovery and experience, I quickly realized the power of this plant and its ability to help me achieve a more balanced state of mental and physical living.   Overcoming the fear and judgement associated with cannabis took me down a road of uncovering truths.  I began cultivating over 10 years ago….the cannabis and my love simultaneously grew.   As a fit and active consumer, I began to research topical applications of cannabis and anecdotal evidence of its effects. HIGHNMIGHTY topical balms were born in my kitchen with a passion for whole plant medicine has elevated to a legal market that is shifting and changing constantly.

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    Jessica:  Who is your target audience?

    Lisa: My goal as a fit and physically active woman and mother in the cannabis industry, is to change the perception of what the cannabis consumer might look like. Stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding cannabis still exist in the minds of many.  My target audience is anyone who can change that perception.  Cannabis consumers are all of us: women, mothers, and people leading productive and active lifestyles. We are a diverse group.  I think of myself  and my brand as “Cannabis in Motion”.  We cannot separate the body and the mind.

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    Jessica:  What is your favorite way to use your products?

    Lisa: HIGHNMIGHTY THC balms come in 2 highly aromatic scents, Eucalyptus and Lemon Pepper, offering topical relief for an active lifestyle. The uplifting terpenes in the Lemon Pepper balm make it a perfect way to wake up the muscles and joints first thing in the morning. I love massaging it into my knees, elbows, neck and hands.  Being outside all the time, the vibrant citrus smell keeps me free of mosquito bites as well!

    The Eucalyptus balm is my go to at night for my shoulders, back and feet.  The aromatic respiratory effects of eucalyptus have me relaxed and falling asleep. HIGHNMIGHTY Vapes are always a delicious, discreet and convenient elevation at just the right time. And of course my nightly ritual involves an infused HIGHNMIGHTY preroll, music and reflective, meditative dancing.  

    It’s all about feeling your one and only life.

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    Jessica:  Does your company have a motto or slogan?

    Lisa: “Do What Works For You” I’ve learned that living an authentic life means doing what works for you and owning each decision along the way.  Cannabis has allowed me a perspective of  presence.  

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    Jessica: What does the future hold for HIGHNMIGHTY?

    Lisa: Continued expansion throughout California and further roll out state by state as we continue to develop innovative consumer products.  The HIGHNMIGHTY lifestyle is a platform for authentic living. We are Cannabis in Motion. Do what works for you.

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