‘DREAM’ Big In Vegas: WOW Organics Launch Party at MJBizCon Builds On The Magic of ‘Cannabis Wonderland’

    Throwing an epic and memorable afterparty at MJBizCon is no small task. The combination of high-end expectations existing in Las Vegas, and those established by the hardworking and hard-partying annual BizCon crowd mean production and entertainment levels must be of the highest level for any company wanting to distinguish itself. After an extremely successful event debut last year, Dan Schmink of WOW Organics, a multi-state hemp extraction services and products company, knew he would have to go all out creatively to build on the success and momentum of ‘Cannabis Wonderland.’ His packed 2018 afterparty featured an immersive theme and a little bit of something for everyone attending. DREAM, his followup event this year on December 12th in Las Vegas, is just one example of how he is moving forward creatively and professionally in the cannabis industry.

    I spoke to Dan about this years event, for which we are a media partner. About NUGL, he says “NUGL and I have a natural synergy! As a tech platform that aims to connect the cannabis industry, NUGL pairs well with WOW Organics’ inclusive business approach.”

    (AUTHOR/EDITOR DISCLOSURE OF BIAS: I have worked with Dan in the past and like him very much)

    Dan’s path into cannabis is a particularly interesting and inspirational one; a US Army veteran, it was the search for pain relief from combat injuries that led him to the plant and industry. “Before cannabis, I was in nursing school and working towards a career in the medical field.” Finding cannabis, however, changed his life course. “The effects were instant, my back pain disappeared, and I began researching as much as I could about this plant. To say it was life-changing to walk without pain is an understatement. Soon, I entered the cannabis industry on the ground floor as a budtender for a dispensary, helping to open it from day one.” Now he looks forward to similarly building his own company, WOW Organics, from the ground up. The DREAM event connects many of the dots that Dan incorporates into all of his work. “We’re focused on a data-driven, analytical approach to our brand’s development, so DREAM connected a lot of dots on the board.”

    Join the WOW and NUGL teams at DREAM on December 12th, 2019 in Las Vegas

    How are you building on or transcending the success of last years event? 

    “Last year’s event, ‘Cannabis Wonderland,’ was a resounding success. This year, the DREAM event is an interactive performance within our ‘Elemental Oasis of Gaia.’ For those who don’t know, Gaia is considered Mother Earth, the transcendent being that created all of existence from total chaos. The story of Gaia mirrors what the cannabis industry is going through right now – we’re creating a community from total chaos. This event, from the smallest details to the largest activations, is created to speak directly to the ideals we share. Done correctly, our guests will say ‘WOW!’ and feel that this event was made just for them.”

    What, in your view, is distinct about this years BizCon, and how will that be reflected in your event? 

    “I consider MJ BizCon the current ‘Super Bowl’ of our industry. Each year, they step up their presentation and quality of attendees. WOW Organics is doing the same at DREAM for the afterparty scene. Our team pores over every detail to ensure that anything and everything you’d expect to have at a professional, high-end afterparty, is there. That means ample space heaters, a quick check-in line, coat check, food and drinks aplenty, and enough entertainment that you can start a conversation with anyone.”

    Which BizCon attendees NEED to be at DREAM?

     “Our guest list includes some very well known personalities within our community and a full roster of owners/founders, investors, community advocates, and genuinely good people. We design our event for all types of attendees. Anyone that wants to be at the best of the best, should attend DREAM.”

    Besides throwing what he expects to be the best afterparty of the year, Dan’s overall mission for MJBizCon is to launch WOW Organics to the public and highlight their community sponsors and service. As a longstanding member of the Veteran advocate community. DREAM is a natural progression in his personal mission to help Veterans.

    Who is WOW Organics?Our goal is to act as a champion for selfless service. Our first goal is to help 500,00 Veterans through low-cost, no-cost, and charitable giveback programs. We do this by empowering our Veteran and Women-led teams to provide hemp products and services across the globe.” WOW Organics is putting people first. You can meet the full WOW Organics team at DREAM in Las Vegas this December 12th during MJ BizCon week.


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