Cannabis and COVID-19: Is It Safe To Light Up During Quarantine?

    One of the most effective countermeasures against the spread of the Corona Virus is quarantining and the government’s decision to shut down all non-essential businesses. However, luckily in the states where Marijuana is legal, the dispensaries fall under the category of essential companies and continue to remain open for those who feel comfortable going out to get their supply (and those who aren’t so comfortable going out can still click here and order online).

    As a result, cannabis sales have never been at such a high point. Cannabis companies are reaping the benefits and reporting increases in their revenue. California weed sales are at an all-time high, and the increasing use of Marijuana during the lockdown could make for an exciting marijuana research paper topic.

    Experts believe that the surge in cannabis sales is attributable to people looking for anxiety relief during the pandemic. However, several of them also worry that the process of smoking marijuana may leave the individual more susceptible to catching the Coronavirus. In some cases, they may look to health supplements that could help to provide anxiety relief, such as the ashwagandha capsules amazon offer.

    However, others believe that CBD especially could play a key role in suppressing the Coronavirus. We’ll continue to see what both sides have to say, and how safe it is to light up during the quarantine.

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    Puff, Puff, No Pass

    Perhaps the most significant risk that cannabis consumption poses during the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s a shared activity. You don’t need to read essays on Marijuana, to recognize the puff, puff, pass rule. Typically, individuals would get together with others and smoke Marijuana together, which presents a considerable risk of transmission. One can quickly eliminate this risk by simply choosing to smoke on its own. Keep your joint or your bong separate, and make sure you don’t share it with other people.

    As the consumption of Marijuana becomes more and more acceptable, it is leading to an increasing amount of research on the subject matter. Leading to more marijuana research questions, and marijuana research paper topics are becoming increasingly more frequent. You can easily find a whole host of marijuana topics for a research paper. This research must take place so we can fully understand the impact of Marijuana. It will allow for a fair analysis of the benefits and the disadvantages.

    Smoking is dangerous

    While there are no direct relationships linking cannabis consumption with an increased risk towards Coronavirus, smoking is dangerous. Even though you’re not doing the same amount of damage to your body as smoking, the act of inhaling marijuana smoke harms your respiratory system to a certain degree. However, you can easily change up the way you take Marijuana to counteract this negative impact.

    The legalization of Marijuana has seen the release of several readily available edible products. These offer the same effect as smoking Marijuana without all the negative impacts of the entire process. While the fumes from Marijuana itself might not be dangerous, it burns at a much lower temperature than tobacco. Meaning, that when you inhale, you’re ingesting a significant amount of unburnt substances that harm your respiratory system.

    So, while being a chronic marijuana smoker is legal in some states, there’s no denying that it harms your respiratory health.

    Delayed Diagnosis

    Smoking marijuana harms respiratory health, but it can also lead to delayed diagnosis in some instances. An everyday Marijuana user may not be able to distinguish between what is a smoking-induced cough, or a symptom of COVID-19. To distinguish between the two, you may need to visit a healthcare centre offering lung ultrasounds (using portable ultrasounds like those provided by the Butterfly Network) as this is an effective way of screening for COVID-19.

    Additionally, the consumption of Marijuana, while not having as significant an impact as alcohol does, inhibits your judgment, especially if you consume Marijuana in a large amount. Whether you smoke or consume in the form of edibles, it’s not going to reduce the psychological impact.

    The Other Side

    Not everyone is focusing on the potential negative impact of cannabis consumption and COVID-19. Several researchers are looking at the role Marijuana can play in dealing with the pandemic.

    Firstly, there’s a significant increase in cannabis sales because of the role it plays in anxiety relief. Additionally, the development of these dispensaries has paved the way for a whole industry of Marijuana-related products. Among these, one of the most beneficial is the production of CBD infused products.

    Researchers are attempting to test how successful different strains of CBD can contribute towards blocking COVID-19 from entering the body in the first place. While the study is yet to be peer-reviewed, the initial results are promising.

    Furthermore, many of the cannabis naysayers focus on the adverse effect of smoking the substance, when that is only one way to consume. The legalization of Marijuana has led to several safer ways of absorbing the content being more actively in use.

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    CDB vs. THC

    Another reason why individuals are worried about the impact of Marijuana consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic is the failure to distinguish between medicinal and recreational Marijuana. Most individuals that are actively speaking out against cannabis use and increasing cannabis sales are focusing on recreational marijuana. People fail to understand that the significant increase in Marijuana sales is attributable to a rise in the consumption of medical Marijuana.

    The main difference between the two is the presence of CBD and THC. THC is responsible for giving Marijuana its psychoactive properties, while CBD gives it medicinal properties. Medicinal marijuana products typically have high amounts of CBD, with little to no amount of THC. It’s crucial to distinguish between the two when regarding the safety of Marijuana use during the pandemic.


    Given the respiratory nature of the disease, the best thing to do is not smoke cannabis during the pandemic. However, there’s no relationship between the consumption of edibles or tinctures and increased risk of catching the Coronavirus. Further research on the subject is needed to help clarify the actual impact!


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